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    Quote from a Facebook Post.

    “Pioneer Legend question. What the heck is a "Supathane" tire? Silicone/Urethane mix?”
    Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA

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    That would be Silithane if it was possible.
    ...or would that be Urethones
    Kevan - Isle of Man
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      It is just a name for urethane brand you can't mix silicone and urethane together.
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        Direct from the man himself...

        "The tire compound on all Pioneer cars since 2017 is Supathane, a composite of nine different materials I developed with a rubber research laboratory in Germany.
        Supathane has good resistance to abrasion and degradation, more so than with standard styrene-butadiene rubber types. It is less chemically reactive than natural rubber but is quite slow to cure, requiring more accelerators than would normally be used for ‘toy’ purposes but I feel it is worth the time and trouble for Pioneer slot cars.
        In addition, deformation problems are less likely to occur with Supathane than with simply natural rubber especially with carbon-filled compounds added to the pre-mix. Also, Supathane will not conflict with other debris material from, say, urethane or silicone so the requirement to sweep down the track if switching tire types for different races is not required.
        For this application (scale model racing) it can perform better than regular butadiene rubbers, ethylene-propylene type formulas, and chloroprene rubbers."
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