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GT3 body float?

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  • GT3 body float?

    How are people dealing with body float on GT3 cars where the body sits on the chassis rather than over it? Even on some that the sides of the body are outside the chassis, the front splitter on the chassis often juts out under the front of the body. There seems to be an issue of body rattle on many of these cars.
    Mike V.
    Western North Carolina

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    I find it can actually help handling as the body rolls and pushed down on the chassis. You may as well use body movement to your advantage.
    Kevan - Isle of Man
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      A lot of this depends on the car; there is no hard and fast generality. A lot of builders will start with the body screws on, say, a Scaleauto GT3, snug, both front and back, and then back off 1/2 turn on both screws (assuming that you have two body post attachment points - one front and one rear). Then you can tune from there, but 1/2 turn off is usually a good starting point. You don't want slop between the body and the chassis, but you do want some degree of body roll in order to load up the outside tires entering and driving through the turns, as Kevan says.
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