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30 ohm controllers and car motor rpms?

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  • 30 ohm controllers and car motor rpms?

    I bought the Professor Motors 30 ohm controllers when I first started 6 months ago. I was running my track at 10.5v - 11v and most of the cars I had were Scalextric and Carrera. Now, all of my cars are NSR, Sideways, ThunderSlot and I believe the rpm ratings of have gone up considerably. Everything I have now is between 21k and 25k, where everything I had initially was well under 20k. I seem to have lost some granularity in the controllers. It's almost impossible to line up cars by the starting grid sensors now with these controller, it wasn't before. The triggers also seem to be more on/off than they used to be. I dropped the voltage down to 10v and it seems like some level of control has returned. However, I don't know if that's just because the cars are slower, so they are easier to control, or if it actually had some effect on the controllers.

    I read somewhere that those 30 ohm controllers don't handle higher rpm cars as well. I wasn't sure how to deal with this, so I switched to DiFalco 301 controllers. The difference in control is incredible and I won't be going back. But, I have always wondered if there actually was a correlation between 30 ohm controllers, motor rpm and track voltage.

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    As you have found it all depends on what car you are driving with a fixed resistance controller
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      There is no correlation between30 ohm controllers and RPM/voltage. What you experience is the difference between a single resistance controller and a variable resistance controller.

      30 ohm is a good "all around" controller for most home racing slot cars. But the faster cars require more power, and that means they operate on half or less of the 30 ohm resistor range, making it feel more on/off. When you race lots of different classes/motors, variable resistance controllers really shine.
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        Good to know I wasn't imagining things. I guess I can think about selling my Professor Motor 30 ohm controllers.


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          You're not imagining things. I bought 3 of these for the grandkids as they cannot resist turning the knobs. They work great with all of my 18K motored cars, But when I thought I might use them for IROC racing I found that with any motor 21.5K and above there is a huge flat spot between stop and go.