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Building Roller Test Bench

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  • Building Roller Test Bench

    My track is setup and I've got a half straight piece of policar track leftover and unused. I figure I'll split it in half and mount it and wire it so I can create a roller test bench for tuning.

    Has anyone made one before? I've already got a variable power supply and imagine I could simply just spacers or something else to create the rollers for the rear tires to roll on, probably creating a recess in the track to mount the rollers. Might even mount some stock tires on wheels, as it'd also allow running in tires at the same time.

    Looking for suggestions before diving into the project, as I've been contemplating the idea.

    My other thought was, create one with plastic or metal rollers for testing chatter, chassis flex and use the second piece for tire run in.

    Curious to get some feedback.


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    Here's what I did:
    The block is Corian, a scrap from a cabinet shop. The rollers are telescoped aluminum tubing on brass rods. The other end is for sanding tires. I use a 55 year old power supply for it.

    I got the idea from this, in an early slot car catalogue.


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      That's awesome! Appreciate you sharing.

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    Click image for larger version

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    Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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      The block bar is a nice design! I was wondering how I'd set it up to account for different length cars. Slick design with what looks like magnets.

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    First design attempt. Still looking to source some better roller material as the plastic spacers aren't entirely round. Works tho!

    Click image for larger version

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