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Painting my first car that has exposed engine bay

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  • Painting my first car that has exposed engine bay

    First real post here, so hello folks!

    A two part question - I've just primed my Penelope Pitlane RA273 and suddenly realised I have never painted a car which has it's engine bay open to the elements.

    So firstly, would you paint the body first, then the engine bay, or vice-versa? I will be using Tamiya Acrylics through an airbrush.
    Secondly, I am unsure about what colours or finish to use on the engine and the surrounding inner bodywork, Could anyone point me to some good threads on here or videos I could look at to get ideas?

    I will be back at a later date to ask about how to get that wonderful white finish I have seen on the pipes of several period cars,
    Any help will be much appreciated, thanks, Martyn