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Need To Glue Tires To Wheels

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  • Need To Glue Tires To Wheels

    I need to glue these rubber tires to these wheels. What type of glue is best used? Thank you ahead for any help.

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    I have been using "Gorilla" brand superglue. When I can I will turn the tire inside-out and spread the glue around the exposed surface. Occasionally it is possible to snap the tire back onto the wheel while turning it right side 'round again. Then I will pinch the tire in the direction of travel, working my way all around the tire, to help assure the glue is evenly distributed.

    Once the glue has set you still need to true the OD of the tire. You need some form of tire-truing machine to do this -- none of which are cheap.

    I have been using a benchtop mill to true my tires. That is a ridiculously expensive tool to use just for tire truing. But I have many other uses for it.

    You can buy purpose-built tire truing machines, but even the cheapest cost well north of US$100.

    I have been building a machine that mounts a whole rear axle for tire truing. In theory that will give better results than machines that just mount a single wheel. That project has been on the back burner for a while. I'll get back on it eventually, and post a report when I've got some results.

    Ed Bianchi
    Ed Bianchi
    York Pennsylvania USA


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      Sally Hanson hard as nails nail polish works great
      Peterborough Ont


      • Bill from NH
        Bill from NH commented
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        This is what Paul Gage recommended for gluing on his urethanes.

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      IC 2000 works well. it can be messy as well, a little goes a long way.Get it from slot car corner.
      bill ,framingham ma


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        Thank you all for your help.


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          Clean the wheel of any old tyre debris.
          remove any moulding flash from the tyre
          fit the new tyre
          Use a thin superglue.
          apply with a toothpick, running the toothpick under the lip of the tyre , inner and outer.
          true 'er up.


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            I have used IC 2000, it worked well, but it does not keep. Once you have opened the container the clock starts ticking, it helps to keep the product in the freezer once it has been opened.


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              I will keep that in mind when I open the bottle I have


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                Once you open ANY bottle of glue the clock is ticking...especially CA (Super Glue) type adhesives.

                Super glue types do not give you much time to "roll" the tires and make sure they are seated. Pulling the tire back works for some, and for others they do not get it seated correctly and now have the fun job of pulling the tire off.

                I use Hansens Hard as Nails or even regular clear nail polish. It sticks well, but can be easily peeled off when needed.

                OTHER methods shown here



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                  How does IC 2000 compare to Loctite Black Max?

                  Why doesn't my car run like that?



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                    Here's another approach. Note the smaller tool is currently out-of-stock - we expect to have them back in stock sometime in July.

                    SCC Tire Gluing Tool

                    email: [email protected] phone: 603.753.6263