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  • Piper Ferrari 250 GT

    A re-chassis of a recently released Fly Goodwood TT Ferrari 250 GT in David Piper’s livery. A simple sidewinder to run with my similar classic sports cars.
    Click image for larger version

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    Mike V.
    Western North Carolina

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    What components did you use for the chassis? The front end looks like it might be a weak point, how's it working?


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      Just finished it today - can’t wait to get it run in and start getting some times in. Used 1/16” brass rod and 0.032” strip. I’ll probably add 0.047” piano wire from the pod mount strip to the guide strip on both sides. My track doesn’t have any high speed sweepers but has a tight esses section which favors light chassis over heavier brass ones. My first builds had the usual brass side pans, but they have become increasingly minimalist. The SW motor puts plenty of weight in the rear for my purposes.
      Mike V.
      Western North Carolina


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        Exquisite model. Nice work on the chassis, too.

        Andre Ming
        Poteau, OK


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          The chassis looks great, but I have to say I am disappointed. I have looked for that Modena Green paint for over a decade. That body you have is perfect. I was hoping you painted it and would tell me where you got the paint!


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            Way..... as you can see I’ve settled on Tamiya TS53 Park Green on my Piper body builds.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	1D479C8D-3D48-45B3-9693-6C5D01694F11.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	987.7 KB ID:	117953

            Rumor has it that a U.K. based paint company carries a Piper Green. Can’t remember if it is auto body shop or model paint. Fly did a beautiful job on these bodies. Last time I looked the cars were still available from Pendle.
            Mike V.
            Western North Carolina


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              That's what I did, too. But in addition to how hard it is to match the Piper Green, David Piper changed the shade of green several times. Its funny, I found the exact duplicate of the light blue-green that Hudson used on the famous early 50s Hornets (its a factory engine paint from Detroit Diesel), but that blasted English Ford Modena Green is just impossible to get right mixing my own. You're right, the color is available in rattle can in England, but by the time you can get it here you would have spent $50 or more, and that was a decade ago. Who knows what it would cost for overseas shipping now.


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                Zero paints from the UK makes the exact colour for the models indicated. Zero paint is available in the USA from -
                and in Canada from Paul at Paints & more in Calgary: Phone: +14036696270 - Email: [email protected]

                These are suppliers I am aware of, check to see if your local shop stocks these products. Zero Paints ( and Gravity Colors ( make a very large selection of exact colour paints for racing and street car models. Both are highly recommended!


                Click image for larger version  Name:	David Piper Green.JPG Views:	1 Size:	94.1 KB ID:	117994
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