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New Chaparral 2F with SW flexi-board chassis

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  • New Chaparral 2F with SW flexi-board chassis

    Here is the latest from the workshop at Rockmoor Raceway.

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    Nice conversion! How does it run? Looks like the big 29K motor?
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      Motor is the 25K Piranha, 11/32 gears, Quick Slicks on 15x10 wheels. Body was bought as a separate part, not a whole car. Very pleased with how it runs. I need to learn how to drive it as I haven’t built the same chassis twice so each new car handles a little differently. Once I get it figured out and broken in I’ll turn the Trackmate on see how I did. I aim to make my builds to be on the top of my heap of classics group of cars.

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    Put in some timed laps today and made some adjustments. Chassis by itself is very fast and smooth. With body mounted it runs with the fastest group of my classics sidewinder cars. About 1/10th sec. off the fastest laps set by the most recent Matra release and the Thunderslot Sunoco McLaren. Both are longer and wider as well as lighter. The older MRRC body is heavy, 28gm as compared to the Chaparral 2E at 16gm. Tried removing the side pans, but balance was lost. The top heavy body needs some brass down low. I may try swapping the 1/2” .032 pans for 1/4” . Great fun working on this project and as we know they are never really finished!😄
    On to the Vic Elford Porsche 908.


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      Awesome car and great report on your build.