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    One of my favorite Strombecker bodies. Yours looks great. The chassis too. Can I ask what size stock are you using to make the body posts?


    • chrisguyw
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      To be honest, I couldn't tell you..........I have a bunch of body posts I have cut out of broken/discarded bodies that I gather from club members and folks at the shop, and, I use whatever fits.
      I do use "Evergreen" tubing quite often for body posts ( I usually telescope a couple of sizes ) and again the body and chassis will dictate sizing.

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    Not a ton of progress, as I have been working on a few 1/24 Vintage kit builds……..slowly but, surely !!

    The body needed a fair bit of repair/filling/sanding, and the shut lines needed a ton of work, but the primer is now on, …..another quick sand, and she is ready for paint

    PS I did get a really neat Bruce McLaren head (no helmet visor), from accurate miniatures, and if I can do it well, it will really make the car.

    Stay Safe

    Chris Walker