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Gunze-Sangyo 1955 Chevy Nomad - MRRC Chassis - Carrera Chip

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  • Gunze-Sangyo 1955 Chevy Nomad - MRRC Chassis - Carrera Chip

    Gunze-Sangyo 1955 Chevy Nomad model, MRRC Sebring chassis, model wheels reinforced and drilled for axles, model rubber tires . Carrera digital chip with extended IR leads under the hood on top of the wheel wells. The paint is GM 1955 India Ivory and Gypsy Red, same on the two-tone interior, lacquer airbrush paint ordered from Model Car World with several coats of Tamiya TS-13 decanted from spray can and airbrushed, wet sanded and buffed, what a pain. I was able to use one decal, the rest fell apart from age.
    I didn't light this one, have illumination plans for the next one, the bird and fiber-optics are the word/s.
    I have three more of them waiting in line, by the last one I hopefully won't have as many screw-ups .

    Click image for larger version

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    Beautiful. I would love to have a Nomad. Classic station wagon, completely awesome. Great build, beautiful interior work!
    Come Race at The Trace!
    Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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      Fantastic looking!!!

      WOW, be proud of your skills!

      Dundee Denny


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        WOW. A real eye catcher. I have a resin copy of the nomad and it looks downright ugly compared to yours.
        CHCH NZ


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          Simply amazing Bluevista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I wish I had 1/3 of your skills.
          The paint job on the nomad is unbelievable.
          Keep on truckin brother.
          Let me know if you ever trade her in!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Eric Foster
          Port Republic Va


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            Thanks guys.

            I've always wanted a Nomad too. I had a few friends with 57's, I actually found one of them, it was nice and it was a whole 2500 bucks.
            I do have the wagon bug, the reason for my screen name was a blue '71 Vista Cruiser that I restored, it was nice , even had working a/c and a factory eight track player . I sold it seven years ago when I got an offer I couldn't refu$e.

            Click image for larger version

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              Beautiful Nomad! Nice work!