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Difalco Design Controller Handle - New Design Now Available

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  • Difalco Design Controller Handle - New Design Now Available

    Slot Car Corner has the new Difalco Design replacement controller handle in stock (all new Difalco Design controllers also use this handle). The new handle can also be used with controllers using Parma (Turbo only - not Sebring), JK, MB Slot or Red Fox handles. Available in clear only at this time. Available in clear only at this time. Click the picture below for more info or to place an order.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DD850_2.jpg Views:	80 Size:	225.8 KB ID:	31756
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    I recently purchased a new Difalco Design controller with their new two finger trigger in combination with the new handle design. Without a doubt, it's the most comfortable and best controller I've ever purchased. Lap times dropped the moment I hooked it up. The handle is solid and the ball bearing trigger pivot is silky smooth. Love this thing!


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      It is nice to see these new Difalco grips, it look like the Parma grips are no longer available. I tend to squeeze a controller very hard and the old Parma grips have cracked and had to be replaced. When you have to replace the grips on an electronic controller that uses Parma grips a lot of time consuming trimming is necessary.


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        Hi guys. I thought I would check in to add some info on my handles and triggers. The handles are open at the top and are designed for little or no trimming for any of my controllers. Minimum trimming for other brand controllers. The handle hardware is designed to attach the controller frame to the rear handle to keep the entire assembly feeling solid in your hand. Parma turbo controllers will fit perfectly inside the handles but there is no mounting provision for the less expensive Sebring controllers. Professor Motor controllers will not fit these handles.

        Internal bracing has been added to these handles so they will be perfectly aligned and not flex in your hand. The bottom of the handles have also been extended 5/8" to better fit adult hands.


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          Hello again. 3 trigger designs will be available about the middle of May. They will be direct replacements for any controller using a Parma turbo, JK or Red Fox triggers. All you need to do is transfer over your current Parma hardware to the new trigger. Instructions will be included and you can also email me for color installation photos.


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            i'm glad to see the long throw one that you made, on the left.