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Monogram Greenwood Corvette tuning tips ?

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  • Monogram Greenwood Corvette tuning tips ?

    This came up in another thread. So far I’ve only done a few things to my Greenwood and I’m happy with it so far but I’m sure there room for improvement. So any of you Greenwood owners have any good tips for these fine front motored race cars? Preferably using the stock chassis. Thanks.

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    There is a ton that can be done using the existing chassis,...just depends on how much work/expense you want to go to, and how much of an improvement you want to make.

    Easy/Inexpensive stuff...........

    1/ Glue in the motor
    2/ Glue and true all 4 tires
    3/ Replace the driveshaft spring with a piece of vinyl speaker wire casing....this will help a lot
    4 /Glue in the driveshaft and rear axle bushings
    5/ Sand chassis edges for body movement
    6/ If you are running without magnets, experiment with a bit of weight
    7/ Lower the body a snick
    8/ Take a dremel to the inside of the body/interior, and remove a few gms.

    For a few bucks...........but still using the stock chassis.

    1/ Replace the driveshaft bushing with a double flanged oilite (2mm id.)
    2/ Replace rear axle bushings, axle, Crown with better quality stuff.
    3/ Increase the longitudinal flex of the chassis (under the length of the driveshaft, by using a piece of piano wire/brass/styrene glued to the chassis floor
    4/Replace wheels/tires
    5/ Utilize independantly rotating front wheels
    6/ Install height adjustable front axle uprights
    7/ Replace the guide, and trim the guide surround on the chassis for increased guide rotation.
    8 Use softer/thinner braid.
    9/ Use silicone/urethane washers between the chassis and body post to reduce vibrations.


    Chris Walker

    PS If this is not enough, you can go to an HRS or 3D chassis and eliminate the front motor orientation, or ,scratchbuild one of your own !!
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    • Michael Squier
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      Thanks Chris, that clears up the axel question. Neat trick. I probably won’t be doing that but I might swap out the spring coupler, I get what your saying about it. Mines new so it’s still smooth but I can see it getting vibration after much use.

    • chrisguyw
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      The springs vibrate from day one.........get rid of them !!

    • Michael Squier
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      All right all right, I hear you. I’ll get rid of the spring. Lol, I guess that goes for my Fly front motor too. Now I have to see what I’ve got for tuning that will,work. I think my speaker wire is to big a gauge wire.

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    I was writing this when this was posted. Since its all there and I have nothing to add, I'm going to skip out on my promised post. Good stuff, Chris.