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  • BRM 154 Can Am

    Finished up my 132 scale BRM 154 to add to my Can Am fleet.. Pretty much the whole car other than the rear NSR rubber is printed on my Anycubic Mono Resin Printer. Decals were made on my Laser Jet. Sidewinder with an ebay 130 type 30K motor.

    Click image for larger version

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    Currently building a Lola T220,
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    G.P Alberta

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    Very nice. Your learning curve on 3D printing and output's been impressive.

    Can you show the chassis?



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      Well my output is based on the selfless sharing of others who have made these files available. I am really enjoying this as it really allows you to experiment and design.

      Here is a picture of the chassis I built for this car. You can see the 3D printed front tires that have a groove in them to accept an O ring

      Click image for larger version

Name:	P1080523.jpg
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      The motor is from an ebay Chinese seller. They cost less the $2.00 and performance wise on my track there is no real advantage to spend more. These cars will match anything else I build, so I just use brand name motors for proxy racing. Stuff for my own use gets one of these 30K motors. As long as all the cars have the same motor, the racing they provide is fair and fun.




      G.P Alberta


      • slothead
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        Other than the price being right is there a reason for using such high rpm motors? Do you run them at reduced voltage to make the cars manageable?

      • Barc 1
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        These motors turn high RPM with no load, but once loaded up they calm down. On my track they are easy to drive at 10 volts. I also am running a gear ratio of 4:1.

        I have spent time sourcing out these cheap motors. Some have been unacceptable as they offer zero braking ,but I now have a mabachi source with part number I order, and these are suitable slot car motors. I can get 25 or 30 K . They may be high rpm motors, but they are very drivable as they have brakes.

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      nice job on that.
      bill ,framingham ma


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        Nice work....I like the suspension / rear end piece that you made as well. They actually add quite a bit to the cars, in my opinion.
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