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  • Home made tire truer

    This is what I put together to true and decrease my tire size. It’s an old cobra motor lathe, I use to on uerathanes and rubber tires. Runs off a power supply will do 2tires at once the axle is about 2000th out of level, but that’s fine for me run at 5volts. It has up and down movement as well as side to side. Can also profile tire edges. Thought I’d share. Tim

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    Very interesting. Is the car chassis fixed to the vertical slide?

    I also built a home made lathe. It isn't finished yet but it already works and makes a massive performance difference... about 0.9 seconds a lap compared to taping down sandpaper onto the track. Not to mention smoother running and cars are easier to drive.

    I need to put a bigger motor on it and tidy up a few things.