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    I contacted Milan to build me this car at the end of January and received it a little over a week ago. This is the Sauber Mercedes C291 body with a Laminate chassis. Front foam tires and Rear rubber tires. I didn't specify the gearing and I don't know what motor that is. I've sent him an email asking him for the details.

    Click image for larger version

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    One thing I'm thinking about modifying is the rear motor pod "suspension". I think that if I replace the nuts sandwiched between the chassis and the support arm with springs, I could have an active spring suspension. The current setup with the spring on the center support really doesn't function because of the stiffness of the material used.

    Does anyone have one of these chassis? What changes have you made, if any?

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    have you ran it yet? I would not mine trying one of those my self...
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      Beautifully done, congratulations, Milan always does quality work.

      BTW that motor looks like an Avant Slot Hurricane, a bit of a beast at 27k and lots of magnetic downforce.
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        Originally posted by docdoom View Post
        have you ran it yet? I would not mine trying one of those my self...
        Heck yeah I ran it!!! It's my pride and joy 1:32 car. It runs very smooth. I think the front foam tires are great for this car because they absorb a lot of difference between track sections on my layout. If they were rubber I think the front end would bounce a ton. It's only about 2mm above the track surface.

        I was typing this when F1Fan responded. Thanks for the insight! When I get a response from Milan I'll update here. My track is set for 10v, but I also have adjustment on my SCP2 controllers.
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