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NSR "Rosberg" McLaren F1

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  • NSR "Rosberg" McLaren F1

    Hi all, .....I have been asked to do a "Rosberg" edition of the McLaren MP4/2C that he ran in practice for the 1986 Portuguese GP.......this was the only appearance of this car in the Marlboro "Light" colours.

    As it is for his club NSR F1 series, I have obviously used one of the NSR white kits.

    I did want it to look a touch closer to the actual car, so a few simple body mods have been made.......the sidepods have had the holes for the top mounted intakes filled, the side vents have been closed in, vents cut into the top rear of the sidepods, and the wing has been lowered approx. 1/8th.

    The rear wing has to be painted/decaled, some more suitable wing mirrors need to be made, detail bits to be sorted, and , the whole thing clearcoated.

    Still lots to be done..................

    I thought that the interior was more or less done,........until I look at the close up Macro lens shots ..............right glove, hole in left shoulder, and a bit of helmet clean up need to be done,.....but, without the evil Macro lens highlighting these mistakes, it actually looks quite nice .

    I did add some gauges to the dash, but, they can not be seen from this angle.

    I will post updates when done ......both the body, and the chassis build.

    Chris Walker
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    Very nice, looking forward to seeing more.


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      Wow, that looks great! Can you share with us what you used to fill the gaps and holes in the body. And how about the decals, who made them? They look fantastic!!


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        Excellent job!


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          Very well done indeed!!
          "Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool."

          Severna Park, MD


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            Wow! Ur modeling skills are absolutely amazing! Well done again!👍🏻


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              Taking something that is OK and turning it into something special- fantastic work Chris (as usual)!


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                Originally posted by dinglebery View Post
                Wow, that looks great! Can you share with us what you used to fill the gaps and holes in the body. And how about the decals, who made them? They look fantastic!!
                Hi Dingleberry, holes and gaps in the body were filled with...styrene rod for the holes, and, styrene sheet for the rest. I use styrene weld as an adhesive, and any small seams etc. are filled with Tamiya putty.

                The decals are a mix of Atalya, DMC, and the decals on the the overalls are some HO scale Marlboro decals I bought several years ago.
                Atalaya are available from a variety of US retailers and are very good, and, car specific........DMC are no longer around, but there are several good quality decal producers out there.

                Chris Walker


                • dinglebery
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                  Thanks for the tips! Is it SCI Grip #3 you use for the styrene? Do you find Tamiya putty better than Milliput superfine?
                  I recently had over $100 worth of decals in my Atalya cart and come to find I couldn't pay because of a shipping error, it would not ship to me - I emailed them and never received a response!

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                Excellent detail work on both the body and the driver/cockpit.