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  • Sunday Test and Tune

    I was fortunate enough to head over to a forum members house yesterday (Mitch58) and do some test and tune with my cars. This is the last time I will get to drive my GT3 proxy entry before needing to be shipping out, as we have a bit of a break on our local schedule.

    I tested three different rear tire combinations on the Mercedes.
    1. 17x10 NSR Air wheels with 20.5x11.5 Supergrips
    2. 17x10 NSR Air wheels with 20.5x11 Ultragrips
    3. 15x12 CB design wheels with NSR F1 supergrips.

    I ran about 50 laps on each set after cleaning the lane, and then put the fastest set back on to verify results. The Supergrips were the victor for me in this test, With some tuning I think the f1 sized meat would have been a good way to go as well.

    I also geared the car up to 10/32, which made the corner exits easier to drive. Lastly tuning the body and pod screws to find that last little bit.
    Ended up lowering the track record from a 5.85 to a 5.45 by the end of the evening, and there isn't much left for me to do on this car that can be tested before shipping.

    Next up was my F1 entry. It was a brand new build and I didn't know what to expect. The handling is quite good, however the top speed of my car was suffering compared to Mitch's car. After measuring the factory tire diameter I realized that even with me gearing it up, I hadn't gained much because my rear tires were shorter than the stockers. I will be changing out the spur to try and find that last little bit of speed from the car.

    I also played with the chassis screws, and these have a huge effect on the handling of the F1 car, easily changing the lap times by .2 seconds when changed.

    Lastly I did some laps with my Brass Hybrid trans am car, I need to put the spec'd 21.5 in it as this motor is way to much for a little 8mm tire. But It is handling well and very smooth overall.

    It was a great day of testing on Mitch's awesome track.....Lets hope they perform when it counts!


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    Thanks for sharing your tuning efforts. Realism with slot cars and racing doesn't just mean how a car looks on the outside.