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    Another car off of my resin printer. This time a Ford GT40. Chassis, wheels, body, inserts and interior details are all printed. Sidewider with a 25 K 130 motor. This is an example of a car that had a base coat of white and the decals locations masked off, before blue was applied. My laser jet decals could then be applied.



    Click image for larger version

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    G.P Alberta

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    I do like the original Gulf color scheme, it's very nice in my opinion. Looks like you managed some body lean in that first picture!
    Very cool to see your printed cars.
    How do you feel about performance? I have actually been amazingly pleased with my printed wheels up to 18K motors. I haven't run them on the faster cars yet, but they seem to be quite round. Off the plate they are better than the old Fly or Scalex wheels that need truing.
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      These all have the same chassis as the the proxy car I sent you, except they are running 25 K motors. I like the way they perform. Flat and no rollover so it is just a matter of driving them as hard as you can until you lose the backend.

      Not sure if you have driven many laps with the proxy car. If you have you will notice that the back end wants to come around on hard acceleration out of a corner. Not so bad with the E200 motor in the proxy car but with a 25-30 K motor you have to be very aware of this.

      I have been quite happy with the wheels and they are running true. I spin them on my truer prior to installing tires. So far I have just been gluing them on the axles, but I do now have a small tap if I want to try using set screws.

      Needless to say every car built is a better runner then a stock Fly or Scalextrics car.. I will one day have to buy a Thunderslot just to see for myself how good they are.

      I currently have 10 printed cars finished and running at home, one out to you, and a 3D printed body on my Can Am entry.

      Up next is the Datsun 510.

      G.P Alberta


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        Outstanding work, congratulations.


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          Holee Cow!! Nice job on a favorite! Awesome!


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            Well. they aren't anywhere close to a Thunderslot.....I have run one and these aren't close. Maybe with a big motor and a flexi-board brass chassis?
            The good ones will run the some of the Slot.It classics like the Chaparral 2E. With an 18K motor they are the equal of some tuned Fly cars, but we have some 908s and Chevrons that are very fast indeed.

            In any case....they are an absolute joy to have on the track, and will run with a lot of commercially available cars. Nice looking car!
            Come Race at The Trace!
            Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN