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Can I simplify Carrera wiring?

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  • Can I simplify Carrera wiring?

    Can I rewire this mess by omitting the switch and diodes running just wire to the guide? Pretty sure I can but checking before I cut.

    Click image for larger version

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    Yes. It looks like the rear end is in backwards - for a car wired with positive on the right hand side. Just pop the rear end out, flip it around and pop it back in.


    • Michael Squier
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      Thanks. That’s weird about the rear gears. That’s the way they were when I got it, but I wondered because everyone else seems to have it reversed. I guess with the reversing switch it runs, just not correctly. I’ll switch it and see how it works.

    • PetesLightKits
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      If you are going to simplify the wiring you will need to switch the axle around or else that car will run the opposite direction on your track. Or you could just wire it up backwards.

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    This is odd, the car came in a set, Audi and Bentley. Both of them are backwards. Click image for larger version

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      Makes not difference on a Carrera car if the switch is used
      It simply switches polarity to the motor which in turn changes the direction of the car
      Peterborough Ont


      • Michael Squier
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        I get what the switch does it’s mainly the diodes I was wondering about, I think they are diodes anyway. 😁

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      The green thing are inductors, usually referred to as chokes, the yellow/orange things are capacitors. The chokes are wired in series with the motor and the caps are wired in parallel, together they are used to reduce radio frequency interference. Removing those parts could make the car a little faster. The chokes are known to fail, if a choke fails the car will not run.


      • Michael Squier
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        Thanks for the correction. I figured diode sounded better than electrical thingys. Lol. I do like the idea of less to go wrong.

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      If it runs backwards , why can't you switch the flag leads from one side to the next ?


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        Check that the crown gears are running in whatever grove is molded into the chassis for clearance. If there's no groove, and plenty of clearance in either orientation, then check which direction the motor turns fastest and set the wiring and the gear accordingly to get the desired direction of travel. There's sometimes a slight difference in speed from one rotation direction to the other.

        Getting rid of all the resistors and capacitors and wiring will give a slight improvement in speed.
        Dennis Samson

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        • Michael Squier
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          They have all been clipped out. The chassis is clear for the crown in either direction. I’m doing some experiments with it the whole car so just one more thing to make better, or worse lol.