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Decals for Scalextric Goodwrench Monte Carlo

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  • Decals for Scalextric Goodwrench Monte Carlo

    There was a post on here a while back of someone doing decals for the Generic Scalextric NASCARs. No, I don't want Pattos .

    John R

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    e-pay always has some
    Also if you buy the model kit you don't have to re-arrange the letters
    Some decal sheets used to spell "goodwreck" and include the correct letters so you would cut it apart and piece together


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      A couple of years back, as a vendor at one of the Maryland slot car shows, I sold a plain black Scalextric NASCAR Monte Carlo brand new in the box with an aftermarket decal sheet. I believe they were from Slixx in which case we're out of luck because they haven't been doing any licensed NASCAR decals many years, only NHRA Drag racing stuff. I purchased the car and the decals many years ago when they were new and never did anything with it, so I sold the two together when I was reducing the amount of 1/32 stuff I had in my collection. The only other thing I can think of is finding one of the 1/32 plastic NASCAR model kits, the decals in those were pretty good. Revell and Monogram both made them, I just saw a Monogram one on ebay for only 10 bucks. A new decal sheet alone would cost you that much! I see them at the model car shows so they must still be available from the aftermarket vendors.
      Sorry, that's about all I've got for you. Good luck, hope you can find a sheet. Stay safe and healthy. -- Ernie
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        Thanks Ernie. I found some Slixx on evil bay

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      Excellent! Glad I was able to help you out. Have FUN, and... Enjoy! -- Ernie