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  • More Carrera Nascar's

    This time, I took the nose and wing off, and added a grill and front bumper to the winged cars.
    I also used Shapeways chassis by redlyner and set each one up with a Slot it flat 6 motor, and CB wheels. Wheels are 17x8 steelies It makes for a very nice conversion that handles and drives like a dream.
    I have done a few of these cars, and have found that on the Plymouth's, you can use the complete interior without hacking it up. You must use a slot it flat 6 motor The Dodge needs trimming to fit proper.
    These are my double's cars, so I can bang them up a bit. I will leave the slots in the rear quarter panels (even though it looks odd) in case I want to convert it back to original.
    I may put a black rectangular decal over the hole.
    Thanks Mark for the 2 street Super birds you sold me. I used the worst one for the black roof petty car.

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    More to like. I particularly like the #55 car in that trim.


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      I was thinking the exact same thing on the #55!!!

      Dundee Denny


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        Thanks guys