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ID:	87293 Finally got this one tuned up and it’s now my quietest and fastest car.
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    I have this car too. Bought it because it looked like the Can Am cars I have in my class for cars from the classic years, '66 - '74. But, I've since heard the Chevrons (B19 & B21) actually raced later than that.

    My class starts with the John Surtees #7 Lola T70 from '66 and goes through the Jackie Oliver #101 Shadow DN4 from '74.

    Do the Chevrons fit in this time period or not?


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      Chevron B19 and B21 raced from 1971 to ~1978 in Group 6. Can-Am was Group 7 and the "glory years" were from 1967 to ~1972. The Chevrons did run in Can-Am races but looks like in 2L class along with other 5L cars so I don't think they ran in the same class even later on after the huge HP cars were "banned" in 1973.
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      • slothead
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        Thank you. My journey towards creating a Can Am class began when I bought a Denny Hume HSRR McLaren on HRW. After that I added more McLarens, Lola T70s, Porsche 917s, Alfa 33/3s, Chaparral 2Es, etc. The 'rules' in Can Am allowed so much I wasn't a stickler, if a car looked the part I bought it. Most important thing for me was having its roster driver be someone who actually drove that livery. Mark Donohue in the #6 Carrera Porsche 917/30, George Follmer in the #16 Monogram Lola T70, etc. My GB Track Chevron B19 is the #6 driven by Niki Lauda. Dieter Quester is the driver of my #38 B21.

        I'll leave the Chevrons on the Can Am class roster.

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      You have discovered the fun of Fly Classics. There are a bunch of great looking cars, that take some love and tuning to run well. But they can run well and have very close racing within themselves as a class.
      We run Fly Roadsters and Fly Coupes as two different classes because you have quite a variety in each class.

      Lots of people spend lots of money upgrading them, but a few inexpensive tuning steps turn them into decent cars. Enjoy them for what they are....nice models of many popular racing cars from the late 60s and early 70s.

      And no.....the Chevron is not a CanAm car. Many Group 6 cars ran in the Watkins Glen round especially (but in other rounds as well) but they were definitely not built for CanAm.

      On the other hand....the 3DP Group 7 proxy has a list of many CanAm/Group 7 cars that can be 3D printed.
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        Im having fun with it. So far the only money spent has been for some PG tires. The originals turned hard as rock. Fronts are just fine though, soft as when new.

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      I have a couple too. I really like these cars. All stock Fly parts except new rubber tires and a spacer here and there.
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        Like most FLY/GB Track etc classics, some decent rubber, NSR's for FLY classics are my choice, and some TLC, they are great runners and with some add an orange endbell and they aren't far behind some classics.
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