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  • Carrera Nascar rare

    I was walking thru my junk yard, and came across a Carrera Dodge Nascar that was not being used. I had a bunch of spare wings , and decided to give the #58 a wing and a nose.
    I simply took a winged version, removed the wing, and took tape and made a template so I would know where to cut slots for wing.
    I used an exacto and just scored the whole over and over till I cut thru.
    Thanks to Mopargreg, I was informed that the team did race a winged car. The number on the car was 8. It was only raced a few times. and photos are pretty scarce.
    I'm gonna leave it like it is for awhile. I may add the fender scoops later Click image for larger version

Name:	20210227_144228.jpg
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Name:	20210227_144236 (1).jpg
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Name:	20210227_110310.jpg
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Name:	20210311_180651.jpg
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ID:	86859 Looks pretty cool going down the track. Thanks Mopargreg for the info
    Eric Foster
    Port Republic Va

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    That's now have a one of kind
    Dickie Pearson
    Canterbury, NH

    HOST - Home Operated Slot Tracks
    MSR - Main Street Racing


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      Slick conversion! Bravo!


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        That is cool. The wing mounting although probably tedious, is well done and well worth it. Great effort.
        Brian Mc
        Minnecrapulous, Mn

        ”Machinist: One who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data from those of questionable knowledge.”


        • one32
          one32 commented
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          Thank you Sir

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        How did you make the nose?
        Arrold Martin
        Nashville TN


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          The nose simply comes off a factory Daytona car.
          It is glued on from the factory at a couple spots. Not hard to trim off the factory glue and just pop it off.
          Then, you remove the original grill and bumper you are working on, and slide the nose right on.
          It makes a perfect fit.
          Eric Foster
          Port Republic Va


          • SlotCat
            SlotCat commented
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            Yep, very easy to do the nose, the wing is more tedious for sure, you've done a great job converting, looks great!

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          Very nice, easy to like.
          CHCH NZ


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            Thanks Wobble
            Eric Foster
            Port Republic Va


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              You've done a great job converting, looks great, I've recently discovered my love of driving the Carrera NASCARs especially the SuperBird and Daytonas! I've bought like 8-9 of them in the past couple months.


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                Thank you Slotcat
                I really like the classic Nascars. I guess it goes back to my AFX days.
                It helps when you have a big scrap yard in the basement. I'm doing a few more conversions now, I will post again soon.
                Eric Foster
                Port Republic Va