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Scalextric Nascar - revisiting with the Monte Carlo

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  • Scalextric Nascar - revisiting with the Monte Carlo

    Sold off most of my Scalextric Nascars but had a chance to pick up a good used Monte Carlo with Paul Gage urethane tires already installed.

    Click image for larger version

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    Usually have to glue a loose motor and rear axle bushings but were firmly fitted on this car.

    Stock guide's a bit wobbly and there's no further ability to tighten down further. Noticed the top of the guide shaft sits a bit higher than the chassis guide post surround. So, grabbed a 1mm nylon axle spacer and opened it up with a 9/64" drill bit to act as a collar. Added a lock washer and screwed down for a free-wheeling fit eliminating any slack, vertically and horizontally.

    Click image for larger version

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    Motor pinion face was noticeably touching the crown gear self-centering boss so pushed it back towards the motor with a flat face screwdriver.

    Click image for larger version

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    Did Harry's chassis tune-ups to get body float (chassis perimeter filing, cutting down body sill retainers, cutting off rear axle bushing retaining posts from interior tray)

    Loosened the body screws, especially the single rear and gave it a run on my short and twisty three-lane wood track.

    What a treat! Drives securely throughout the corners with decent acceleration and it's quiet to boot.

    Although I'm scratch building much more these days, I really appreciate a plastic chassis car that needs very minor, simple and inexpensive improvements.

    Well done, Scalextric.


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    Hey that's cool to see. They run just fine down here. Well done on the guide mod.