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Clicking felt when rotating motor. gears?

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  • Clicking felt when rotating motor. gears?

    I have 2 Carrera inline motored cars. When I rotate the wheels on one it’s smooth with no resistance feel. The other has a clunk clunk feel as you turn it. I assume it’s the gear mesh, the crown isn’t tight, the axel has some play in it. I also have same issue with a few sidewinders. How do you make them smoother feeling, or isn’t it a problem?

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    Some toothpaste on the gears and run them at 5v for 10 to 15 min, when done they will be nice and smooth and quiet
    Just make sure you clean all the paste out and re lubes when the breaking is done.
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      Well, that can sometimes mean you have a cracked pinion. It's hard to see...this old man uses a magnifier.


      • Michael Squier
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        The magnifying glass is never far from reach here either. Lol

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      More than the magnetic draw on the armature feeling 'notchy' ?


      • Michael Squier
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        I, starting to wonder if I’m just overthinking it. If I take the axel out and just spin the motor it feels smooth, but maybe the gear ratio is magnifying the feel of the magnets. It is a fairy constant feel, if it was a crack or flaw in the gear I would think it would only hit once per revolution. I think I’ll just live with it.

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      Carrera cars do not have motors with strong magnets. If you were to spin any 1/32nd motor by hand you would not feel any cogging unless it had neodymium magnets. The gears in the car may need some breaking in. Make sure that the rear axle bearings and the motor are fully seated in the chassis.
      If the gears make a lot of noise and you can feel some resistance when you turn the rear wheels you can bet that the car will not be running its best. People that race their cars pay close attention to things like that.


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        I was going to say the same thing, you have a cracked gear, either spur or pinion


        • waaytoomuchintothis
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          Its the pinion. A split crown is very unusual, and as an inline, it has no spur gear.

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        Ok, I just puller the body off for another look. I used a jewelers loupe to look at the pinion gear and it’s fine. I pulled the motor out and turned it by hand. It does have the slight magnet pull as I turn it, it’s just me being overly sensitive. Not sure why this one has more feel than my Monza. I assume they are the same type of motor.
        thanks for the advise, I’m learning a lot here. And having fun.