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Noisy Capri, guide flag?

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  • Noisy Capri, guide flag?

    I have the Zackspeed Capri by Carrera. It goes good but is noisy when running. I don’t think it’s motor related. When you shake it something rattles, I think the guide. Are these Carreras known for noisy guides? I also have a Monza and it’s very smooth and quiet. Any suggestions?

    I did put some glue on the axel bushings, fronts were a little wobbly. no change in noise. ​​​

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    I did a test and think I figured it out. I removed the tires and bent the braids a bit so the wheels don’t touch. Now it goes around quietly. I guess the independent front wheels are rattling around. The Monza is a solid axel so it doesn’t have that problem. I will have to work on tightening them up somehow.


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      I would suggest the tires more than the one piece or stub axle. On my routed track I find when the rubber tires get hard due to age or just hard to begin with they can be very noisy, kind of like marbles on a wood floor.
      I've put old urethane tires on the fronts of some of mine after I determined the tires were the issue, problem solved.
      Ayton, ON Canada


      • Michael Squier
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        I’ll look at the tires but they are new, just got the car in December. The tires and wheels could be out of round causing the bounce and rattle.

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      Have you tried a couple drops of oil on the axle shafts?
      Dickie Pearson
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      • Michael Squier
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        Not yet, but I will today.

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      Oil seems to have done the trick. The combination of dry axel super low profile tires, wheels with voids in the center rib creates a bouncy noisy ride.
      before oiling they seemed to turn fine in my hand but it was just enough to cause friction at speed I guess.