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    Seeing the CG Slot replacement for Carrera guide holder has prompted my curiosity to seek info on self centering guides. The one redeeming value that we see in the Carrera cars is that they have a spring loaded guide mechanism to center guide. Unfortunatelyit doesn't lend itself well to up/down adjustment. What are your techniques/setup to help center guide after an off? As in to make it easier/faster for marshals to replace car in slot.
    Rick Davis
    Williamsburg Va.

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    Well, the fastest marshalling happens when you keep the car in the slot

    Generally if your guide rotates freely and smoothly (without any slop) , a straightforward guide lead arrangement works just fine......create equal lead lengths/bends around the guide area.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DSCN4328-copy.jpg Views:	1 Size:	210.6 KB ID:	86284

    If you need more,.....this one has been used by tons of racers over the years. First, ensure that your guide rotates smoothly, and then try some loops in the lead wire.......this works best with thicker gauge/ thicker insulated wire.

    Chris Walker

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