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Carrera Revolution Bentley, squealing motor

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  • Carrera Revolution Bentley, squealing motor

    My Bentley GTU car motor has stated squealing. I oiled both ends a little but it’s still squealing. I tried dribbling a bit of rubbing alcohol thru the holes to clean the brushes, it stopped fir a shot time, but started squealing again. Do you think a dip in some alcohol would help? Any suggestions?
    I did notice also when compared to the Audi with same type motor the Bentley takes more throttle to get the motor running, even when held off track.

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    Sounds like for what ever reason it’s worn out and needs replacement so an alcohol dip certainly won’t hurt to try just make sure it’s dried out and relubed BEFORE you apply power to it


    • Michael Squier
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      It’s got very little time on it, but could just be a bad motor from the start I guess. It is kind of old now too. Lol.