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SCX Cuda VS Scalextric Challenger

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  • SCX Cuda VS Scalextric Challenger

    OK Tested my 3 new SCX Cudas vs the Scalextric Challenger. I was going to test my 2 other Challenger to be fair but one has the magnet out and the other seems to be having power issues. So I will be using the latest Orange Challenger released from Scalextric in 2020 I believe. I did run the Cudas a few laps to warm the motors up. The Challenger has been run a few laps with my grandson so I would consider it broken in.

    20 laps

    Challenger 56.84 Secs Fast Lap 2.73
    Orange Cuda straight out of the box 1.01.98 Secs Fast Lap 2.84 After a few laps 56.71 Secs Fast Lap 2.68
    Pink Cuda straight out of the box 52.67 Secs Fast Lap 2.58
    Purple Cuda after 40 laps 55.75 Secs Fast Lap 2.70

    I could run all of the Cudas full throttle. The Purple Cuda did de-slot at lap 10 in 2 20 lap cycles. Took 3 times to get 20 laps with no de-slot.

    The SCX Cuda is thus seen to be slightly quicker than the Scaley Challenger. The Pink Cuda obviously has a really good motor.

    The Cuda sits lower in the front than the Challenger. The Challenger is slightly longer than the Cuda but the Cuda has wider fenders fore and aft. The Challenger body is pretty straight.

    The question is did SCX take liberty from the stock ride height on the Cuda?

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Cuda vs Challenger Stance.jpg Views:	0 Size:	319.5 KB ID:	85014 Click image for larger version  Name:	Cuda vs Challenger Front Stance.jpg Views:	0 Size:	360.4 KB ID:	85015 Click image for larger version  Name:	Cuda vs Challenger Length and Width.jpg Views:	0 Size:	328.1 KB ID:	85016
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    Sure looks like they slammed it a bit to me. Never remeber ever seeing a muscle car with that stance from the factory. But I could be wrong.


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      Looks like all cars very comparable. All on the driver.
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        Cuda looks about right for an SCCA car. It would need a supply of oil pans for a street Nice review Arrold



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          Did you see any difference in run quality with the new Cuda. Supposedly SCX has improved their cars from past SCX cars. Motor difference?


          • Dave Kennedy
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            Yes, it's better and much smoother.

          • arroldn
            arroldn commented
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            I have a stock #48 Cuda I can run a comparison with the new one. Give me a few minutes.

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          Yes I took that liberty with the ride height years ago when we made the SCX mold.

          I was in Barcelona at the SCX offices when the designer was going the CAD work on the body. We changed some shapes (you should have seen the first tail light arrangement they made... sheesh)... I had them lower it and I added.... wait for it... 2mm down the middle of the car to make it just a bit wider than they were going to.
          I asked the designer to do these things, he did them in 5 minutes while I watched. When he completed both of those things, we spun the file around on his monitor (in CAD) and we both looked at each other and said "much better"..... I told him and the design director I wanted the Cuda to sort of have a "Ninco" feel with the width and aggressive stance... of course they knew Ninco and how their cars were a bit wider than the should be. And we all agreed that the final design looked much better than they had originally completed.
          Yes it might be a bit too low, yes it might be a bit too wide (or wider than it would have been for sure)... and in the end I'm fine with that.
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            Ahh... under the Barcelona Sun.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_5235.JPG
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ID:	85074


            • Ragtopman
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              Nice! Now that’s my kinda ride!

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            Great drop top conversion!


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              Stock #48 Cuda RX 42B SCX Motor. 20 laps 58.91 Secs Fast Lap 2.83 Secs Even with magnet had to back off in turns 2 and 3. Thus the 42B is 2-3 Secs slower than the new motor. As said the new cars I could run full throttle so I didn't get a good feel for how they brake. Acceleration is good. The 42B accelerates faster but the new motor seems to have better braking. It stops first. The 42B power car gains about a car length with the coast.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	48 Cuda.jpg Views:	0 Size:	341.5 KB ID:	85078
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                This may be a dumb question, but would a body from the original 'Hot Wheels' Cuda fit on one of the new chassis?


                • arroldn
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                  The chassis is identical to the 2008 version. Only difference is the motor pod.

                  #48 Total weight 85.5 grams Orange Cuda Total weigth 77.8 grams
                  #48 Chassis 61 grams Orange Cuda Chassis 51.7 grams

                  Body plus Interior
                  #48 26.1 grams Orange Cuda 27.5 grams
                  #89 28.1 grams Lights

                  The Cuda with lights has a slightly different interior shape at the rear.

                  I looked at this and the math doesn't add up. Just took the readings off of the scale. Based on body and chassis #48 should weigh 87 grams which makes sense if the chassis are different in weight by 10 grams. 26 + 61 is 87 all day long in my book.
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                • slothead
                  slothead commented
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                  Thanks for the reply and info. I have the #42 (Swede Savage) AAR Cuda and would switch the chassis for a newer one if available. I know this isn't likely unless someone who just wants the body to mount on a brass chassis is willing to sell the plastic chassis that it came with. I'm also curious if the new motor could be placed in the old chassis as a default. The SCX 'Hot Wheels' Cudas are great looking cars but aren't always competitive with Pioneer and Scalextric Trans Am peers.

                • Dave Kennedy
                  Dave Kennedy commented
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                  There were no mold changes made to these cars from the first releases in 2009 until now. Everything should be identical.

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                SCX Cuda is a much nicer model. Scalextric Challenger is ok, but front axle is crooked and high as a truck.


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                  Maybe not as high as a truck I just grabbed an image of a "stock" looking Challenger from online and pasted it next to the front end of the Scaley Challenger from above.
                  Cars did used to sit up a bit.
                  Click image for larger version

Views:	265
Size:	68.3 KB
ID:	85109
                  Keep in mind that this is a one car sample.

                  Scott, the comparing one.
                  Why doesn't my car run like that?



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                    Yes, I was being abit light hearted.

                    Yet, neither the Cougar or Challenger is very competitive in the class without a good amount of work.

                    The SCX version, at least looks and stance is better IMHO.


                    • arroldn
                      arroldn commented
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                      I agree with you Harry. In TransAm Proxies the Car of choice has seemed to be the Camaro or Mustang. Even with its narrow body the Mustang seems to do better than the Challenger or Cuda. I have tried to make them competitive and may continue in that battle. Stevee had a good finish one year with a Cuda if my memory is correct. Yep 2016 Stevee had a few podiums with a SCX Cuda. 2017: 9 Camaros 1 Mustang in the top 10. Dodge Farmer 11th in a Cuda.
                      2018 only 1 round was run Top 10: 5 Camaros 1 Challenger in 1st place DodgeFarmer, Cuda in 4th Stevee, my Cuda in 8th. So they take some work but it can be done.
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                    I've got only 2 of the earlier Cuda's, the yellow/black Lemans one with lights and the blue/white with matt black hood and NC2 instead of the RK motor and I just love how they look and go. Didn't know about Dave Kennedys input with having them 'tweaked' a bit but so glad he made his mark on them. Good one DK. You're the man.


                    • Dave Kennedy
                      Dave Kennedy commented
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                      Thanks, I studied under "the man" himself.. Mr. Wise.

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                    Has anyone swapped the Scalextric Challenger Rally wheels & tires onto the the SCX cudas yet? That would be great to see. Please share if you have! That will give you a more stock appearing wheel that was originally on the 1:1 AAR Cudas when they left the factory..