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  • SCX 9 years on....


    I bought some current SCX releases recently as I seen on Dave Kennedy’s YT channel that there had been some changes at SCX.

    The short of it is Yes there have been!

    I gave this AMG Mercedes GT3 a few gentle laps tonight and was delighted. What an awesome model

    Its going to tune up just fine. It looks to be great quality, the new style motor is a gem and it’s a good looking rendition of the prototype.

    The last time I purchase SCX cars was around 2011-12 when SCX went belly up.

    They were selling them for cheap ex-UK, the British Distributor had containers full of SCX products and dealers were digging through it buying what they wanted.

    Its excellent to see SCX rise again from that sad ending. They do make decent slot cars.


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    Good purchase. Have my eye on that one as well. Great looking slot car. SCX appears to have modeled this Mercedes very well.


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      I agree that Mercedes is VERY nicely made. I feel it's the best version homeset car (body shape I'm talking).
      I am hopeful that people will have more SCX cars available to them this year.
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