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Gluing a wheel on an axel?

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  • Gluing a wheel on an axel?

    Ok, so I was driving the wheels off my GB Track Chevron literally. Yes, the wheel came right off half way thru a corner. Just like real racing. So, I was going to use some super glue on it, but wasn’t sure if I would ever get them for again. What do you guys suggest? Thanks. The axel itself is smooth and the wheel is plastic.

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    Glue it, wont hurt a thing.
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      Hello Michael, While it is certainly preferable to replace your plastic wheels with aluminum ones, can definitely glue the "loose" plastic ones on to the axle. ...(tons of folks have). CA is the glue of choice, and if you do need to remove them, CA has very little shear strength, so more often than not a good "twist" of the wheel will break the bond and the wheel can be twisted off.

      There are a couple of tips, that you may or may not know.

      1/lightly clean any loose plastic bits from the inside of the wheel hub
      2/ If the wheel hub is cracked, it can be repaired with a small bit of tubing (styrene/brass/aluminum) glued over the hub.
      2/ Clean the axle end (s) with Isopropyl
      3/Place a drop of CA into the wheel hub,.....not on the axle.....this will push the CA into the wheel hub, where it belongs, not into the axle bushing
      4/ For a really good job........take a tiny drill bit, and from the inside of the wheel, drill a small hole completely through the wheel..........this will allow any air trapped in the hub to exit outwards through the hole, which will allow the wheel to seat much better. .......and it will eliminate the chance of any trapped air (under pressure) trying to push the wheel back off of the axle as the glue sets.

      Glue away!!!

      Chris Walker
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        What Chris said.
        People have been gluing Fly wheels on for 20+ years now.
        I wouldn't worry about removal. On the contrary, I predict that you will be surprised when the wheel comes off again after awhile. Save them, they make nice inserts.
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          Drilling a small hole through the wheel is important, if you don't air that would be trapped in the axle hole will get compressed and try to push the wheel part way off the axle before the glue has a chance to set.


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            That’s for the advise. Drilling the hole makes lots of sense. I’m glad I asked.


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              If the wheel that came off is on the spur gear side of the rear axle see if you can push it on far enough to glue the hub to the gear too.

              Most importantly, as stated above, repair any cracks in the hub first.


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                If interested

                Fly Wheel Hub Repair


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                  Good trick, I read this to late this time though. Thanks anyway.

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                Here's a little tip from the HO side of things...
                After cleaning the axle, I always put a VERY small amount of a high viscosity lube (something that will stay put) on the axle where it runs through the chassis, on the side facing the wheel, of course. On a larger scale car, this will usually be a bushing of some type. Just a bit of "insurance" should the glue run up into the chassis or bushing.
                Hope this helps out. Good luck, and... have FUN! -- Ernie


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                  If you really want it to stay on, then grind an angle on the end of the axle, that allows for a bit of glue to stay and keep the wheel from wanting to spin under torque and eventually come loose., but consider this to be permanent.


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                    Superglue them on, you can soon remove the wheel by gripping it firmly and twisting it. As long as the axle isn't knurled it'll soon come free. One tip, oil the bearings first as superglue will wick into the gap if it's dry
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                      Yeah, like that other guy said earlier! :>) Enjoy the racing...

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                    I glued them back on, so far so good. If they do fall off again I’m going to reinforce them with the styrene tube. Wish I read that before gluing. Oops. Thanks for the advise.