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New Pioneer Legend kit - '37 Dodge

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  • New Pioneer Legend kit - '37 Dodge

    Found this on the INASLOT website - '37 Dodge Paint-it-Yourself white kit.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    I've been waiting for this. So far haven't seen it on domestic dealer websites. I want to pull the trigger and get 2 from INASLOT, but will try to hold out for a while till some make it across the pond to dealers to save a few $ on shipping and PayPal currency conversion fees. Since I plan to buy 2 they will qualify for free shipping from some domestic dealers.

    By the time these are available in the US some RTR liveries may be available too, and I know they will look better than anything I could make myself.

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    Should be any day now in the US. I have, had one, it’s already been sent off for the Proxy.

    Click image for larger version

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    Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


    • slothead
      slothead commented
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      I saw that car and wondered if it was the Dodge, but since I hadn't heard anything about them yet I convinced myself it must be a '34 Ford. Nice work.

    • Ragtopman
      Ragtopman commented
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      Nice! Looks like a Curtiss P-40 Well done!

    • Broman62
      Broman62 commented
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    BOY! It's a nice looking car.
    Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
    Connecticut, U.S.A.


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      Ever since seeing War Eagle River's build - I have been checking the local dealer sites for them as well! After the fun I had putting together the proxy entries, I need more of these! And definitely want to get a couple of the Dodges!
      Now it is just the waiting...


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        I just ordered my first couple of Pioneer Legends cars, they should be here tomorrow. The Dodge looks nice.


        • slothead
          slothead commented
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          Where did you order them from?

        • Atitagain
          Atitagain commented
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          Ebay via VRChobbies. I just ordered the 37 Dodge from Ebay, dealer said he had ten of them, nine now.
          Last edited by Atitagain; February 28, 2021, 04:07 PM.

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        Glad to see the grill as a part of the body. I think this was a mistake with the Chevy. But that is my opinion.
        Arrold Martin
        Nashville TN


        • MnFordGuy
          MnFordGuy commented
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          Yes...I didn’t care for the grill configuration on the Chevy either...I guess will see how it holds up in battle. Had to get the Plymouth!

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        My hobby shop in Ohio sold out of the Dodge legends as soon as they came out of the box. The Chevy grills are a bad design as a guy came off in front of me and it mashed the grill all up and broke part of the hood on my Gulf legends car. If it had the Dodge shroud design it may have saved it.


        • slothead
          slothead commented
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          I didn't know they were in the US yet. I don't have a local hobby shop but have been checking the online dealers I've bought Pioneer cars from in the past - Power Hobby and Professor Motor.

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        My 37 Dodge kit arrived today. Started on the build but when I saw how warped the chassis was, I had to stop. It's sitting in the water now. Anyone else have this problem. Mine was warped at the rear. I put the pinion on the motor and installed it next to the spur gear and what a bind. Pulled the rear of the chassis down and all was good.


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          AWESOME...another to add to the collection!!
          TOM...HOME RACING GOO GOO!!!
          Warren, Ohio


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            Nice straight and flat now. Everything fits well, no more binding of the gears.
            Click image for larger version

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              Just an update on US dealer availability of these new Dodge kits.....

              they should have landed now with:

              VRC Hobbies
              Nitro Hobbies
              The Hobby Shop, Dayton (in store)
              RC Superstore

              shortly, Electric Dreams will have them.

              Power Hobby and Professor Motor do not have them yet.



              • Atitagain
                Atitagain commented
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                Thank you, I need a couple more.

              • TuscoTodd
                TuscoTodd commented
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                Appreciate the update Jules!

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              I need to get that one ordered as well , one that is RTR , and one PIY


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                What color with the RTR Dodge be when it becomes available ?


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                  I still want to order 2 of the '37 Dodge Legends but can't find them at any dealer who also offers Scalextric cars. To keep postage down I want to get 3 cars in one order.

                  Also, just for my own edification, how is it products like this turn up on Ebay before being available on established dealer sites? I prefer to buy from a hobby shop dealer because those are what I want to help preserve.


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                    slothead , I am with you . I want to keep the small shops going . I am also waiting for the RTR cars also , to see what other color schemes they have in mind for the car