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Combining routed track with digital.... is it possible?

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  • Combining routed track with digital.... is it possible?

    I'm not sure I could do it, as my routing skills are second to none (Here is None and I'm right behind it). But, I bought a digital switching section and it seems to me somebody with some skill could imbed the section into a routed track and it should work. You would also have to add the sensors. Of course you would need all of the digital electronics. Am I missing something?

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    check out has all need to install new lane brains


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      Yes, it is possible, quite a few people have done it. Thunder Road is an example using Carrera, North Bris Slots (Australia) is an example of SSD and of course there are high end solutions such as Scorpius and Oxigen. You can even buy an off the shelf pre-made routed system in Australia (Mr Trax), though might be a bit far!


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        Great! This hobby has the potential of costing more than learning to fly RC helicopters.


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          hey but 99.9% crashes are not a right off of the model.....


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            on readers roads, Josh has a routed digital track. The digital switches are embeded in the wood. This a link to his build thread:
            Lance Sofa racer


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              Or you could go for a BLST system from David Caille in France, which supplies the track-side, and works with any
              of the digital systems on the market. He will usually agree to supplying a CAD file to get the track CNC cut for you
              locally, then you complete the construction, paint, and install the flippers with underlying sensor system which
              he sells you. Then you add your own digital system to drive the cars.

              The BLST system is a little different. It is an auto lane change system, where you just drive as fast as you can,
              the system decides when a car is being caught, and tosses it onto the slower lane so the faster one can pass.
              B est L ine S lot T rack
              This is a 4 module portable track, in his "Fiorano" design

              And painted, electronics installed

              Assembled. I built this with oxigen in mind. But after I broke myself, a friend in club acquired it, completed the
              wiring and cannibalised his Carrera digital system into it.

              The running length is about 12 metres, suitable for about 6 drivers.

              With this, or any other routed system, you will get best result if you get custom aluminium flippers CNC cut,
              which follow the flow of the curves.

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                Thanks for all the links and ideas. This is something I want to take a serious look at.