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Scaleauto vs SCX

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  • Scaleauto vs SCX

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this slot car racing.

    I have a question for the clever guys on here.

    What is the difference between a Scaleauto 18000rpm (12v) motor and a SCX 42b motor also running at 18000rpm (12v)?

    I don't have a Pic of the 42b unfortunately.

    Will there be any performance differences seeing that those 2 specs are the same?

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    Without looking at the specs Iā€™d suggest that the torque rating of the scale auto motor would be higher than the 42B.


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      There's a few differences in the real world.

      SCX motors are notoriously slow to get going, the guys who run these at our club would run the motor for a minute to warm it up before the race.

      Also SCX motors can comfortably be geared 2:1 and not lose brakes whereas the Scaleauto would typically be geared about 2.8:1

      The Scaleauto motor would be the racers choice, the SCX is much smoother.
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