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What controller do you use?

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  • What controller do you use?

    and why? Which connector(s)?
    Rick Davis
    Williamsburg Va.

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    professor motor electronic
    Best home controller for the $ minded. Makes about any car run better.


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      I concur, but I use the one for wooden home tracks, with a solenoid on the cable for sudden boost.


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        Four of the same, the diode stepped ones..
        open wheel Scaleys at 8, to big cars up to 20..
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          I use a Difalco for Womp racing at the commercial track. On Carrera tracks I have a Frankenslot.


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            I have two Professor Motor PMTR2110 "Low Voltage Scale Racer PRO" Electronic Controllers (with brake and sensitivity potentiometers) using standard alligator clips. Good "bang for your buck" controller.


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              I only run my cars at home on a custom Carrera track that's painted. I use SCP-2 controllers because they have a Ghost Mode that lets me run cars without holding the controller. I can also adjust the cars speed from the controller, without having to adjust the track power supply - I run at 10v, sometimes 12v. I also have a spare SCP-1.1 controller that uses the same cartridge as pictured, so I have a spare.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_8037.JPG Views:	1 Size:	2.30 MB ID:	81318 Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_8320.JPG Views:	1 Size:	3.27 MB ID:	81319


              • arroldn
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                Glad to know that you can run in ghost mode without having to have a digital system. I will need to look into that controller.

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              I have Third Eye Renegade 2's, one with choke and one without. I've had Professor Motor controllers and a couple of Difalco's but found the Third Eye works best for me.
              Alligator clips but have been considering adding a XLR plug. Would need to have adaptors made when others connect to my track and when I connect my controller to other tracks.
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              Ayton, ON Canada


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                Second hand Third Eye Predator 2 "Gawronski Edition" for Slot Rally, it was my main controller until I bought a Synapse V2.

                I acquired a spare Synapse V2 when I swapped the last of my 1/12th r/c car stuff with a clubmate.

                I have a Truspeed PWM2 as a spare that I haven't used for a couple of years since getting the Third Eye mentioned above.
                Kevan - Isle of Man
                Life is like a box of Slot cars...🚓🚗🚚🚜


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                  All Professor Motor diode controllers here 4 on the oval hard wired and 2 for the road course on alligator clips because they’ve been to the commercial track to run everything up to group 20s down the drag strip. Haven’t seen a car yet I can’t drive
                  I didn’t say properly but I can drive it
                  Peterborough Ont


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                    My son and I both use RamJet-X controllers from Digital Racing Solutions for our Carrera track.

                    After using the stock Carrera wireless controllers for the first few years we had the track, we upgraded to the DRS controllers and have had zero complaints.


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                      Day to day - a couple of SCP 1s; or various Parma controllers.

                      For more "serious" racing - a MB Slot controller...

                      They are all wired the standard way here in Sydney- using an inverse of our domestic 240 v mains plug - HPM quick connect socket. So, no - you can't plug a controller into a power point.....

                      But it's a proven, efficient, fool proof set up. Really can't see the advantages of individual alligator connections myself....
                      All the way from Sydney, Australia.......

                      Cheers, Tony.


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                        When I was going to Louisville to race on the Blue King I was using a Professor Motor with sensitivity and braking pots. So were most others. Kept blowing fuses and brake pots. Changed to the commercial control with no pots. Most other guys did this before I did. Some are running Difalco. At home I now have a PM for Scaley.
                        Arrold Martin
                        Nashville TN


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                          Use for what scale, with what motors and at what voltage? I do not know of any controller that is perfect for everything.


                          • 4424ever
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                            Good point Rich I have a bad habit of thinking in the context of 1/32 since it’s almost all I do
                            The question was posted in 1/32 tho
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                          • QARAD4
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                            What 442 said, 1/32. wood, plastic, 14k and up

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                          Slot.IT SCP2
                          no physical contact (wiper) to wear out
                          Runs analogue and can support common ground and vice versa
                          lots of tuning possible including curved braking
                          Runs high power motors with the SCP-Metal cartridge.

                          Runs oxigen digital with the oxigen cartridge

                          All of the important controls (throttle, braking, curves, sensitivities) remain the same between analogue and digital.

                          The downsides?
                          Designed for right handers.
                          ugly as sin (a crime for something designed in Italy)