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  • Gear Press - Need Help

    Help needed...
    I have a Gear Press/Puller where the Actuator (Bolt) has stripped the aluminum housing thus making the tool useless at this time. Has this happened to anyone? Interesting since purchasing the bolt has never been extremely smooth. Unfortunately i do not have a drill press as i thought of drilling out and inserting a helicoil (sp?). Any ideas or machinist out there that could help?
    Thank you

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    Hey Dale,
    Wow, ask them about it...if it's always been rough and didn't last, I have one and it's been great for years.

    A helicoil is a thought though it isn't a constant use sorta thing right, more of restoring an anchoring point.

    More solid would be a threaded insert. Find one that threads onto the threaded rod of the tool, and tap the aluminum frame for the insert. Some loctite and your back in business.



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      thank you for the feedback...


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        Too....not a lot of meat around that worn threaded hole in your frame. It could be clear drilled for the threaded rod, and a small steel fitted block with a tapped hole in it, that nests inside that end of the press , would do the trick.
        I can make one to fit mine, and toss it in the mail to you...piece of cake.


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          Aloha commented
          Editing a comment
          That is a very kind offer
          Thank you Dale

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        You're welcome, no sweat, I'll hop on it tomorrow..


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          You need a gear press like this one. I drove to work one snowy morning only to find that the place was closed. Yes, I had called before I left and gotten a recorded message that there would be work as usual. I was not about to turn around immediately and slog my way back home, so I went to the machine shop and made this.


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            But he needs to place and pull pinions too...
            or even real simply keep a 6mm nut inside the frame. I grabbed a lump of bronze.
            Click image for larger version

Name:	3ADF2ACE-C722-4F83-AECC-1AF13B8F57DF.jpeg
Views:	166
Size:	2.02 MB
ID:	80819 6ft 300lb chassis from scratch and 400lb boiler sitting beneath. It's all cake..

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              Ready to mail.
              Click image for larger version

Name:	43884728-01CA-4CB0-AF3C-740F6B01DC7C.jpeg
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Size:	439.4 KB
ID:	80862
              just an address Dale...



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                This is one of the biggest reasons why I like this site , everyone is willing to help out a fellow slot car racer and enthusiast


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                  I am just speechless for the attention and unselfish efforts you put forth. A very special thank you. Aloha


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                    Trust me, when it comes to attention to detail, Paul is about the best there is.
                    Sometimes a little slow, but the end result is better than you expected...
                    Dickie Pearson
                    Canterbury, NH

                    HOST - Home Operated Slot Tracks
                    MSR - Main Street Racing


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                      No sweat Dale you're welcome,
                      I know you'll put it to good use.
                      You can put a 1/4" drill straight through the old hole and clean off the burrs and you'll be all set, or if it's really really shot it may not be much of a worry.
                      Thanks kindly Dickie..
                      I move quick when it's cold,
                      I was done before the shop warmed up;
                      It'll hit the mail in the morning,

                      (had to leave a couple tool marks)
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