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Carrera set boxes?

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  • Carrera set boxes?

    I've got a couple Carrera set boxes and tons of track pieces boxes, stored under my track table and in large plastic storage totes with a lid. They take a lot of space, thinking about keeping only one set box and all the add-on piece boxes....what do you do with yours?

    Forgot to mention all the plastic boxes from individual car purchases, that's a whole nother tote lol.
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    Cut the tops off and make some wall art!
    Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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      Exactly what the man said... I have a whole stack of vintage and newer set box covers from all different types and scales of slot sets. I usually flatten out the side panels so I can retain those as well, without taking up extra space. Those panels have made great retaining walls on some of my HO raceways in the past, just staple them to the edge of the board... and they look COOL, too! NO WAY I'm letting that stuff go! -- Ernie :>)

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    i sold all mine after my routed track was finished. The plastic car boxes i hold onto for some reason, dont really need them
    bill ,framingham ma


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      I toss them out.
      No room to store something I don't use.