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Two Martini New Year

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  • Two Martini New Year

    I celebrated the New Year by putting together a pair of Martini Porsches. Both are NSR bodies and chassis with Piranha 25K motors, Quick Slicks and bits from the go-to parts bin. Decals from Pattos.

    ​ Cruising past the Porsche paddock.

    I need to redo the visor on the 903 and add the seatbelts! Basement track room is chilly- I’ll claim brain freeze. So cool and dry that the mdf has shrunk leaving the copper tape a little wrinkled. Will need to roll before next track session.

    On to the next build - an MRRC Cheetah. Looks like the SW pod/brass front hybrid I made for the McLaren-Eagle M6A will work for this too. Really like the new to me pod that accepts ball bearings.
    Mike V.
    Western North Carolina