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Scale Car Garage - On Track - 1/32 Scale 1955 Porsche Speedster Pt 8

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  • Scale Car Garage - On Track - 1/32 Scale 1955 Porsche Speedster Pt 8

    Please join me for part eight of building a 1/32 scale 1955 Porsche 356 Speedster from a highly detailed model kit by Tomy!

    Any and all comments are more than welcomed!


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    Gave the video a thumbs up, and commented on YouTube. Like I stated, can’t wait for your next project.
    Pass Christian, MS


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      For starters, You get major points for saying "Porsche" correctly...

      What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of β€œhow things should be”.


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        Tony, thanks so much!
        Your continued support is so very welcomed!

        Silberfeil, thanks so much!
        I really try to do my best! Thanks for watching, posting and subscribing!



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          Do you have a shot of the driver figure you used - is it one of your castings, and did you cut and modify the pose?

          I think you were pretty brave with the lettering, but I understand back then *in real life* it was originally applied freehand and not by professional letterers, so any "rustic" quality is a plus in this case.

          I think if I were faced with that task I would try three approaches.

          Probably would try several hand-painted attempts on very thin decal paper and pick the best two, trim them close and apply - and that would give a hand done brush stroke quality with the relative safety of decals.

          Could also try going to Photoshop and chase down something literal from a photograph of the era (maybe from the American Racing book) then size, tweak, print, and apply by decal.

          Lastly I could paint right on the car itself, like you did, but using water color paint. Sometimes *in real life* they would use water color paint for a street-car turned weekend race-car.

          If that paint wore a bit or chipped a little that would probably fit right in to the theme anyhow. I mean it would probably paint on perfectly the first try anyhow, but it would relieve some of the stress knowing the water-color could provide an out should things go wrongly.



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            Originally posted by Silberpfeil
            For starters, You get major points for saying "Porsche" correctly...
            When I started watching these and the first time Kitmen said 'decals', I was like "decals? You mean "dee-cals"? We have always said dee-cals.

            Then I thought about it and I got that feeling. What's this then, could it be, wait, no - it was like at the end of the movie 'Sixth Sense' and the Bruce Willis character is like wait, this big thing is dawning on him, it can't be true, but it is. He started reviewing the scenes of the movie in his mind - it was true.

            I thought about it, I thought about other words I say, like 'decorate', 'decoration', and I started feeling like that Bruce Willis character. Did no one tell me - was I just wrong forever? It is decal, not dee-cal.

            But since everyone still says it dee-cals around here, it may be too late for me to change.

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              Vintage 1/24, thanks so much for the wonderful posts!

              I have attached a photo of the figures being developed. My first attempt was to make a bespoke figure for the car using bits of other figures that I have cast.

              The result was not satisfactory as I angled the torso too close to the steering wheel and it sat too far away from the back of the seat. This is the driver most right in the photo.

              The driver body next to it is a casting of a 1950's F1 driver (Scalextric) and fit in the seat perfectly!

              The arms were cast from an Airfix kit figure and the driver's head is made by Immense Miniatures.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_1240.JPG
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              All of your approaches to numbering the car are great methods!

              As you stated, the full size methods were varied and ranged from paint, which as you stated was most likely water based and the use of tape as shown in the photo from "American Racing" by Tom Burnside and Denise McCluggage.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	356 grid.jpg
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              Decal or Deecal, tomato, tamato, our pronunciation may differ, but our passion is the same!

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              • Vintage 1/24
                Vintage 1/24 commented
                Editing a comment
                I have that book on my shelf - it is a good one.

                Thanks for the extra info the driver figure.

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              Finally had a chance to watch this. Beautiful result John.


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                Pete, thanks so much!
                I'm so pleased that you like the car!

                Thanks so much for watching and for the wonderful post! I really appreciate the support!