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    Hi, semi new guy here. Im noticing the guide pin or flag on my cars seems to vary in size. The Carrera flag is much longer than the Scalextric. Is there a reason for this, I feel like the shorter one will be smoother in corners. What do you seasoned veterans think? The depth on both appears to be same.

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    Carrera went through several iterations on the shape of their guides. One was a huge ventilated keel that wouldn't go around some tight curves, even on plastic track. Scaley used to have a standard guide that was fine, then they decided to complicate the guide with disposable braids for some reason. A long time ago, Scaley had a system that allowed the car to spin around and go the opposite direction. Ninco guides have been good, then loose, then worse. Fly guides were oddly shallow, but they worked fine if you lowered the car's stance to get it deeper in the slot.

    To me, keeping a stash of really good guides on hand saves a lot of fooling around. There are several excellent replacement guides available. Some just snap in, some require a small amount of work, no big deal. SCC keeps them on hand, I believe.


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      Completely agreed!!!

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    What about the self centering springs, do you guys like them or can they be removed? My Scalextric TA Camaro doesn’t have a smooth spring action, I’m tempted to take it out.


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      Most people I know, myself included, remove the springs, make the guide rotate as freely as possible, then use the lead wires to create self-centering "springs" which involves shaping the lead wire to look like a question mark or a small half loop, when viewing the car from above.


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        Yep, remove them they are a solution looking for a problem lol.