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    Dose anyone else hang planes over their track? These were given to me by a couple of friends that were moving. One was downsizing, the other moved out of state. They are all balsa wood and skinned with paper or wrap. I seem to end up being the keeper of orphaned toys/ models. I can't say no.

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    Parachuting clowns, hot air balloons and one Pitts Special (Betty Skelton's Little Stinker)

    Page 1 of 2 - Butch Dunaway's new home track - posted in Tracks & Scenery: Im not sure Butch knows how many tracks hes built over the years, but he sold the one he had when I last visited him a while back because he wanted to build a new one with six lanes.  Heres where hes at with his new track. Butch says, The wiring is almost all done, then Ill test it and close up the inclines with 1/8 baltic birch plywood.   This is a heck of a good-looking track, if you ask me!...
    Butch Dunaway
    Oxford, Ohio


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      Uh, yep I have a couple of em hanging above the track.


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        Click image for larger version

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        It’s all I’ve got
        Some Really Nice planes in the previous posts
        Peterborough Ont


        • Silberpfeil
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          That Coast Guard craft is moments away from what is referred to as "Controlled Flight Into Terrain".

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        Those are just FREAKIN' too cooool...BOMBS AWAY!!!!!!
        Warren, Ohio


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          Wow, nice planes, helicopter you two!


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            I have no planes but that’s a great setup. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any photos of your track? Have you got anymore photos of your track you can share? Looks like a great layout!
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            • AFSgtkdub
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              I’ll post some pics of the track in another thread.

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            One of my HRW friends 3D printed my favorite airplane in 1/32nd a few months back, and when my track is back up and running, that plane will be on a grass strip runway, maybe an inch or two above the deck!


            • Pappy
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              What is your favorite airplane?

            • waaytoomuchintothis
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              Ercoupe! (not the Mooney bubble canopy- I learned my lesson about sunburn magnifiers a long time ago) The Stinson A-3 is second place.

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              If you watch re-runs of Hogan's Heroes there are a couple of episodes where they show an Ercoupe flying overhead and coming in for a landing. Then when it's on the ground it looks more like a Stinson. They had one episode where they rebuilt an Ercoupe in a tent and smuggled a woman out of camp. I've never flown an Ercoupe, always wondered what it's like to fly an airplane without rudder pedals. I've heard they had some Ercoupe's with rudder pedals but I've never seen one.
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            Love the goonybird, very cool plane still in use today.

            Any info on the blue and white cement mixer? Is it R/C, 1/14 scale?


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              Originally posted by williamg
              Love the goonybird, very cool plane still in use today.

              Any info on the blue and white cement mixer? Is it R/C, 1/14 scale?
              It is @ 1/16 scale. Made by Bruder. I was going to convert to rc, but a bit more work for me for now.