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Replacement part - Pinion Gear for Fly March 761 F1 car?

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  • Replacement part - Pinion Gear for Fly March 761 F1 car?

    I am looking for help to get the correct replacement part for the plastic pinion gear for the Fly 761 F1 car. See the photo below. My car has had a lot of track days.....and the plastic gear has come loose and spins freely on the shaft. Its a 9 tooth gear, but I think the March motor shaft may be thinner than typical. A google search shows various replacement gears, but I am not sure which one is correct. Can somebody please point me in the right direction for a replacement part for this gear.

    Click image for larger version

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    Also, my rear wheels are loose on the axle. They are a push fit wheel. What is the best way to secure the stock rear wheels to the axle?

    Thanks for the help, RvE
    Toronto, Ontario

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    You are looking for a 5.5mm dia. 9T pinion with a 1.5mm are correct in noticing the smaller dia, shaft on your motor.....this is known as a FF050 motor, and they all have the 1,5mm shaft. These motors are used in some cars by Fly, Scaley, Policar, etc, and are not "weird", They are also easily replaced if need be.

    Both Slot-it SIPI559015, and MRSlotcar MR4179, (and others ) make pinions that you are looking for. Locally, you will likely find some at MiniGrid, or, any of the shops that are known to the forum folks here will likely have them.

    As far as the wheels, remove the wheels, clean off any plastic debris on the axle, wipe it with some Isopropyl, and place a drop of CA INTO the WHEEL HUB, not on the axle......this will force the CA into the wheel, not drag it up the axle towards the bushings . Push the wheels on, aligning them the best you can, and wait till cured.

    If you really want to do a pro job, (and if you have a pin vice/tiny drill bits)) you can use a tiny (15thou. ish) drill bit and starting from the inside of the wheel, drill a small hole straight through the hub, and out through the outer edge of the wheel...........then go through the steps above.
    The small hole will let the air trapped inside the hub (when the axle is pushed in) to escape, letting the axle seat better, and further into the hub.

    Hope this helps

    Chris Walker
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      Chris is correct about getting the wheels back on, but before you do, check the hub for any cracks. If there are cracks, find a piece of tubing that fits over the hub so it'll prevent any more cracks.
      Check out this link that shows what I'm referring to. A little ways into the article, you can see where Harry fixes one of the front wheels.
      Fly Classic Tuning - Lola MKIIIB - Home Racing World & The Slot Car Garage
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        Thanks for the great info Chris and dungeonracer. I will reach out to Mini Grid and see if they have any such parts and if I can do curbside pick up! thanks again.

        Toronto, Ontario