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1st purchase of the New Year?

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  • 1st purchase of the New Year?

    What's it gonna be?

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    well if it all works out a nice 2ss Camaro
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      Well my last purchase of 2020 was today. Two new release Thunder Slot McLaren M6B’s.


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        Placed the order today. Revoslot Toyota Supra #5 JPS John Player Special And Revoslot Dodge Viper GTS-R Le Mans 2001
        Pass Christian, MS


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          I got a 956 and a whole ton of tires, motors, and tuner parts are in the mail.

          I also have my slot car corner cart loaded down, prob should press buy tomorrow.



          • Mitch58
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            Go ahead and hit the buy button Zack, there is no vaccine for this disease.

          • Fathead59
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            Mitch58 , the question is , if there was a cure would we take it ?

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          I’m leanin toward the Slot it Castrol Skyline and a Revoslot Supra for my first 2.
          Brian Mc
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            First to arrive will be motors and build parts from SCC and chassis from Professor Motor - orders placed today. This way I can resolve to be more fiscally conservative in the new year.

            Of course that's apt not to make much of a difference because a 3D printer is on my wish list for January. Since I'm torn between a PLA filament printer and a resin printer I might have to get both. Prices are very reasonable right now.

            Creality Ender-3 V2 3D Printer $259.99

            Click image for larger version

Name:	623606_110734_02_front_zoom.jpg
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            Creality LD-002R LCD Resin 3D Printer $199.00

            Click image for larger version

Name:	618001_065714_01_front_zoom.jpg
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ID:	72399

            These prices are at the nearest Micro Center.


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              Waiting on my BRM 2002 then I’m done for the year.......I swear. Well if That Ferrari 350 is released and I like that Nickey Chevrolet Elva.
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              • arroldn
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                You're through

              • Lou E
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                Also waiting on the BRM 2002, might be my first of 2021.

              • Brumos RSR
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                Ok....just one more then I’m done I really mean it this time

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              Decals to build this Porsche 908/3. Haven’t decided on the donor car yet, Fly or NSR. But either will work.

              Click image for larger version

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              Click image for larger version

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                Perhaps a BRM 2002, and maybe a Revoslot F40, but I want a plain red one. I may have to paint a white kit.


                • Brumos RSR
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                  Mitch you will like how the F40 drives, I’m working on my white kit now.

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                Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20210101-081527.png
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                  I bought a 1/24 carrera cheetah with my stimulus check.
                  Waiting on the Sam Posey car to get to dealers


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                    I'm waiting for a couple of Slot.Its - the IMSA Copenhagen Porsche and the pink and white Nissan R89, and a RevoSlot Castrol Toyota to arrive.
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                      A bunch of silicone and/or urethane tires. For all sorts of cars.
                      1/32 scale Artin (stockers, Porsche's and MB's)), Carrera (classic NASCAR), a few different Scalextric cars, some vintage Strombecker cars (Cheetah's, Lotus', Chappy's, etc) ,
                      and 1/24 scale Parma Edge Drag cars.

                      With over 400 cars in all scales it will take some time to even figure out what I need.
                      Many of the 1/43 tires have turned to oily mush, and some of the 1/32's are rock hard. Many others are just too slippery on plastic track so silicone tires would be a huge improvement.
                      I will probably buy 20 sets or so to get started, and then figure out if it's worth trying to make my own once I Know the total need for all cars.
                      Somewhere I have links to a couple of tire making posts, using RTV silicone and some casting material (Aluninite???).


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                        Broke down and ordered the Carrera 1/24 Lola's 2 days ago. The blue one is back ordered, but that's OK. They may not be great runners, but the bodies might be really nice to put on a scratch built chassis
                        Matt B
                        So. In