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  • controller settings for proxy's

    when driving in a proxy using an adjustable controller with brake and sensitivity, whats the fairest way to drive all the cars so everybody gets a fair shake? every car runs a little different. i was thinking a little sensitivity maybe set to 2,and brake half way? im going to be the only driver for the round im hosting. let me know how you people do it. thanks,bill
    bill ,framingham ma

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    Makes little difference sir. Adjust the controller for YOUR driving style. The models are pretty well built and tuned per the rules of the Proxy. Your controller settings are not going to create an unfair advantage.


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      Agree, and more to what Harry said, it’s about the driver being the most comfortable they can be (ie., adjustments) to get the MOST OUT OF THE CAR.

      Having hosted many proxies over the past 15 years, having some adjustability is a must. I’ve experienced some very well set up cars, but even so...some come without much or any brakes (one car in last year’s GT3 Proxy comes to mind) and some have crazy overmotored (torque) cars that needed the sensitivity dialed way back. Nothing right or wrongness about that, just that those cars were set up to that builders personal preference/track.

      While that may seem counterintuitive and not fair to other cars that maybe don’t require the adjustability, if you look carefully at who typically wins’s cars that are easiest to drive, which often make compromises to stay away from the outer ends of the spectrum to provide a balanced car.

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    o.k then,that works for me. thanks for the advice.
    bill ,framingham ma


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      Shoreline Model Raceways hosts many proxies. In the past there might have been enough time to try most of the cars so the drivers could at least have ballpark settings before the racing started. Right now because of the COVID situation we want to get the racing done as soon as possible, so for the time being practicing with the cars is not an option. At the very beginning of the racing most of the drivers would probably set their controllers as they would for their own cars if the proxy cars were similar to something that we normally race, drive one or two cautious laps and then try to make any necessary fine tuning adjustments on the fly. In our case the drivers each have a specific lane and only the cars rotate. At the end of a heat the driver will usually advise the next person if the car needed any unusual adjustments, like "dial out some sensitivity" or "turn up the brakes". You might be told that the car was sweet or that it had little grip, so most of the time you would not have to drive a car stone cold.


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        Since you're driving solo, give each car 5-10 practice laps to get a feel to how you can set your controller. Once you're comfortable with the settings, go ahead and race it.
        Dickie Pearson
        Canterbury, NH

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          i can do that