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    I have been a slot car guy since I was 10, I am now recently retired and building a 75 foot two lane wooden track with copper tape.. I am asking for advise and suggestions about a power supply.

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    For most wood routed tracks the suggested ratings are 0 - 15(or higher) volts, 10 to 15 Amps, however, since you are only routing two lanes a lower amperage rating is possible. Here is one from one of the HRW sponsors.



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      Here is an article about power supplies for slot tracks:
      Get a regulated power supply with adjustable voltage, 10 amps should be plenty for a two lane track as long as you will not be running cars with 16D type motors. We run on wood tracks at 10 volts for the most part, cars with very low powered motors, like Artins are run at 12 volts.


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        For power supply, one aspect to consider is whether you want to have different power levels on the different lanes. I find it helpful to reduce power on my grandson's lane without changing my own. You can accomplish this with separate power supplies per lane (you only need two) or a single supply with step down adjustable settings on each individual lane.

        Separate power supplies can be cheap ($30 each) or more expensive. I personally run a single supply for my two lane track with adjustable settings at the driver station, but one of the other club tracks uses a separate supply for each lane (two lanes also).
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          If you want something simple and cheap. Go to Ebay and look for a 12vdc power supply. If you look, you'll find a 9-12 volt supply of 30 amps or so. I've used one of these for over 20 years now. If you have adults racing and just want a stable supply these work great. If you want something to turn down for kids, these won't do the job, but they are usually under $30 with free shipping. If you research this site, you wil find a control for variable voltage that Paul Miller has come up with. It uses cheap parts, also.
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            As a Chappy said above, sometimes a power supply per lane is useful, especially you want to dial only one lane’s power down (say for a child) without ya in to wire in voltage regulators on each lane.

            But having an adjustable power supply to change the voltage is a must, well depending on the variety of cars you do like to run (motor torque and gearing). In terms of amperage, unless you are running old school stuff, you don’t need much per lane. We race all the current and recent modern brands (Scaley, Carrera,, NSR, Thunderslot, Revoslot, Fly, Spirit, Avant Slot etc etc) on wood tracks, you might see a blip over 1A per car at the start.

            From a hobbyist’s perspective, there are a lot of us who have been using the Pyramid PS26KX for a while now. I’ve had mine over 15 years, it is rock solid and will do everything we need. I think retails for around $100USD. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with this one.

            Investing in a good power supply is like investing in good controllers and a tire truer.....they will make or break your hobby experience.

            By the way, if you are planning on routing, contact MrFlippant (Greg Gaub), he hosts a weekly slot car chat on YouTube (you can message him there too). He has taken over from selling his routing kits. In my opinion, the flexible routing fence that comes with the kit changed the game from the old radius way of routing. With that fence you can route smoother transitions in and out of curves without the sharpness of the radial method. It also makes increasing and decreasing radius turns so easy to do. It really adds to the driving experience and feel, with more flow to the driving as opposed to a point and shoot feel sometimes. If you have any questions re: routing feel free to direct message me, I’ve done about 8 tracks now- happy to pass on my design and routing learnings.

            Good luck!

            PS if you have the space, would highly recommend adding a third lane. Really changes the dimension of racing if one car deslots.
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