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How to Buy the Right Guide Pins?

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  • How to Buy the Right Guide Pins?

    I have Scalextric, Carrera, SCX, vehicles from early 2000's to present day. How do I know what replacement guides to buy? There are so many variations, for example long shaft, short shaft, blue, black, etc. Thx

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    Do you want to upgrade or buy direct replacement guide flags? Assuming for plastic track, based on your picture, brand or wood track? Are the current guides worn out, just sloppy stock, broken or?


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      Slot Cat - Direct replacement if possible or a substitution. Scalextric plastic track. "Braids" (contacts metal) wearing down. Thx


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        If you want replacement stock guides those are sold by almost everyone that sells 1/32nd cars. Older Scalextric guides snap in and come with the braid attached while the latest ones are in two parts, the shaft and blade and a plate with the braids that attach to that. Aftermarket guide flags can be used with the newer type of Scalextric cars, I use guides with a post that is secured with a screw, rather than snap in. You would have to buy a roll of braid to fit the aftermarket guides and cut that to the correct length.
        Note that if you have the newer Scalextric type you only need to buy the plate and braids, usually a couple of spares are included when you buy a car.


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          If all you're concerned about is the braids being worn out you can get original equipment spare parts for that. Check out this Youtube video ( You can also contact LEB, Cloverleaf, or SCC and let them know what cars you have and ask what to order. To replace the whole guides Harry (Mr. HRW) recommends the Slotting Plus guide. For that you'll probably also need a guide adapter. Check out the Pioneer Legend tuning videos on this site to see how this is done.


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            Do you still have the bases? Check underneath the Scalextric bases and behind for the Carrera. SHould be your spares there.