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OK ... I respectfully request to throw my hat in the ring for hosting a Proxy race!

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  • OK ... I respectfully request to throw my hat in the ring for hosting a Proxy race!

    First of all, thank you Harry, Lance, F1Fan and Billy Boy for the guidance in getting my head around the requirements to host a Proxy event.
    I am in complete congruence with everything you mentioned from track specs, to race format, so I'm excited to know this can happen.

    To your points:
    74', 4-lane, wood, non-magnetic, divided in 32 segments, Trackmate timing/scoring, unlimited voltage and car count options, silicone tyres have never seen this track. It's been rubber and urethane only.
    Qualifying by one driver, 4 racers experienced at National Competitions, each dedicated to one lane for 3 minute heats, ample marshals available.
    Posting results, staged photos, action videos from multiple vantage points with a max 3-week turn-around all do-able.
    We've hosted the UFHORA's largest H.O. Winternationals at this venue for 5 years running, so we understand the importance of the pageantry and presentation.

    Below are some photos for your consideration, so if you think we might be a good fit to your Proxy racing schedule in 2021, feel free to reach out.
    -Homer ([email protected])

    Happy motoring!

    Click image for larger version

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    Well I guess that will do lol what a nice race place. I bet any of us would love to race on that.


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      Beautiful track!


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        Really nice set up. Thanks for sharing and offering up your track as a potential proxy venue.



        G.P Alberta


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          That is a great looking track any video ?
          where are you located ?
          Courtney Smith
          Chattanooga TN


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            Very nice set up Homer. I’m sure any Proxy organizer would be happy to include your track in the rotation.
            Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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              Gosh, I appreciate the kind words, fellas. I'm in Marietta, GA, and I'm always glad to leave the lights on the tracks for ya. (Working on the whole video thing now, Courtney!)

              For the Proxy racing, the only modification I will need to do is install a relay for Trackmate, which as you know is easy.
              We typically run club races by laps, settling the RARE tie by running the top 4 off in a 1-heat shootout, winner takes all, lane choice by inverted qualifying time. (How's that for a twist?)
              This means the track is hot all the time (hence no relay currently).
              This affords racers the opportunity to not just drive their cars back to them after the checkered, but we leave ample time in the rotation for them to take a few hot laps in their new lane prior to each heat.
              One just needs to be sure they're lined up somewhere behind the start line prior to green, because there's no touching the car after "GO!"
              Some of the guys try to get that whole "running start" thing figured out!

              I found my love for slot cars in H.O., but if you love one scale, you love them all as you know.
              ~ The road course below is scheduled for demolition soon. Planned to be my last track-build, I wanted it to be the mother of all builds, benefiting from every building technique I had learned over the years. I intended to do the 3-D thing, complete with elevation changes and all, but since I would have to do it all on AutoCad first, and the manufacturer wouldn't give me drawings of it, I had to "wing" the assembly. Turned out to be a huge disappointment. Going to start from scratch in January just building it flat (boring), so although I can't make it my best build ever, it may be good for Proxy racing.
              ~ The H.O. "dirt" track "Radiator Springs Raceway" was color-matched to Georgia clay. Built by Ed Bianchi, the Slide Guide King in Pennsylvania. Non-magnetic braid and a 6-lane squeeze at the apex of 1&2.
              ~ The short track "Homeringham" isn't complete yet either, obviously. Inside graphics are in process right now. Originally built in Oregon by Paul Painter for a trade-show exhibit, it's banked on all course and made out of ONE PIECE OF PARTICLE BOARD!!! (Do the math!) That's right ... there's only one joint in the whole track and it's in the middle of the backstretch.
              ~ The drag strip "Homer Valley" is 1/24 scale, and patterned after Thunder Valley (Bristol), which as you can tell from the short track, I consider my "home" track although I announce for NHRA at 7 other tracks as well. We're currently working with Trackmate as a remote-testing center in developing their new Drag Race Management System. It's going to be a spectacular, all-inclusive system even more advanced than the system NHRA uses today.
              ~ (Not pictured) The H.O. drag strip "Homerinapolis Raceway Park" is directly beneath the 1/24 scale strip. (Uh huh. 6 tracks in my home. I need a life!)

              I hope you guys get something with wheels on it for Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

              Seriously ... if y'all organize a handful of guys for a "road trip" and come down sometime for a weekend of sandlot racing, that would be great.
              I retire on January 1, so I got the time! (Hence my interest in Proxy racing.)
              Box-stock Slot-its with Paul Page Urethanes are our niche/forte, but I'll have all the tracks on for ya, and cars ready to go.


              Click image for larger version

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                Thanks Homer, the track and facility looks fantastic!

                I will be in touch soon, as I am in the process of identifying tracks for the upcoming World Championship Proxy series, see the link to the thread below, this event starts end of March 2021. CGYRacer and I work together closely and our proxies run under the "Championship Proxy Event" banner. The rules and the hosting requirements for these events are very similar.

                Please check out the pages under these threads, we look forward to racing on your great track.


                "I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong "
                "And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing"

                Murray Walker


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                  Wow, wow, wow, I love that little oval.

                  G.P Alberta


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                    I will be in touch also. It hasn't been publicly announced yet, but I will be hosting the 2021 Trans Am O2L season and I may need to add a track or two. Nice tracks!
                    Team SCANC
                    Woodland Trace Raceway - SlotZuka - Bent Tree Raceway
                    OFI - Buena Vista Motorsports Park - Slotkins Glen
                    Leadfinger Raceway


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                      Geez, Homer... I should have known that if you ever built a 1/32 track, it would be a nice one! Do you hold races open to the public? I no longer live nearby, but I DO live close enough for a weekend event.

                      - Racer formerly known as Mustang.


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                        MUSTANG!!!! How's the vision these days?
                        homr at stillwellracing dot com


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                          I live in Chattanooga and would love to come down and race. What classes do you run
                          Courtney Smith
                          Chattanooga TN


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                            Our SIP (Solo International Proxy) will start soon next year.
                            We´re looking for teams / tracks to race.
                            It´s a little different proxy when you host the race and put all the cars for that round. If interested, please take a look at SIP 2020 post on the forum.
                            You will be welcome!


                            • Homer
                              Homer commented
                              Editing a comment
                              Didn't see an SIP 2020 post. Am I missing something?

                            • vonsirius
                              vonsirius commented
                              Editing a comment
                              Sorry for the late answer, I miss your comment.
                              Take a look at Solo International Proxy or to Solo International Proxy 2021.
                              You can join us if you will at SIP 2022.

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                            Wow !! Nice track.
                            "Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool."

                            Zen Raceway
                            Severna Park, MD