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Finally had some time on my hands? New Zen East 1/32.

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  • Finally had some time on my hands? New Zen East 1/32.

    Had some time so.... I change the layout of my 1/32 Artin plastic track. Went with a flat track instead of an overpass.
    Still waiting on having a 3 lane routed track to fit my table.

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    You can do it, the main part on my table looks to be about that size. Click image for larger version  Name:	thumbnail (4).jpg Views:	1 Size:	137.5 KB ID:	66739


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      Yep, I've seen your layout Mitch58. Looks good to me. Only lack of time and proper tools prevents it. Looking for a CNC shop locally that might rout the pieces for me.


      • noddaz
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        Glen! Grab some MDF and a router and make some dust in the backyard! lol


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      Yep, once you have the router everything else is pretty easy.....and the trim routers are pretty reasonable nowadays. can't hardly go wrong with 4 lane 1/32 Artin. The forerunner of the Carrera track, they were cheap in the JCP blowout back in 96/97. I bought several and had a LOT of fun on them over the years. Good track, good connectivity, easy to jumper, wide with borders, plenty of depth in the slot. Looks like you will have plenty of fun!
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        Thanks Chappy. Liking the new layout. Have a router Scott, just no time. Think I saw a posting of a local shop that I might be able to have the pieces parts CNC cut. Then all I have to do is assemble, lol


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          I have 2 hand routed tracks, an oval and a road course, and am currently building a CNC routed oval. The new oval is a bit complex, having 3 slots that are all part of a 1 lane track, which is why I went with the CNC design and routing. Yes, the slots are more precise with CNC machining and there weren't any of the silly mistakes I tend to make, but all-in-all it's not a quicker or easier process. With CNC you route first then assemble, while with hand routing you assemble (or at least pre-fit) the sections first and then route. Bottom line is you think it's more work and takes more time than it actually does. But you won't really know that till you try.

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        Hand routing MDF is Ok and fairly quick. Just make sure you have a sturdy guide fence that you can push the router against. Going into my first curve I found out my initial fence was not up to the task, ugg .