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Possible new track for Proxy race consideration.

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  • Possible new track for Proxy race consideration.

    Good day everyone!

    Forgive the naive question, but could someone advise me as to the requirements to be considered to be one of the tracks on the Proxy circuit?
    Whatever requirements apply, such as number of lanes, track length, driver qualifications, timing system requirements, video requirements, required data, etc?

    New to this, but think I may have a track one may enjoy seeing their cars race on.

    Any advise you can give would be greatly appreciated!

    Happy left-over day!

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    ive never really seen a requirement list, but a timing system to keep track of laps and time would be helpful. as far as number of lanes, 2? i do know that people have one lane hill climbs.And im pretty sure people would like to see there cars on any track.
    bill ,framingham ma


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      different proxies have dfferent requirements. sometimes posted as seperate thread with track listing.
      1. almost all proxies require a adjustable power supply, running anywhere between 10 and 12volts. some proxies are slow cars. usually the track host knows what voltage is good for their track.
      2. lap counting software that keeps track of lap counts and fastest lap. also track divided into segments for partial lap counts.
      3. multiple lanes, usually 3 or more, but with lack of tracks available, 2 is allowed, maybe 1 lane could be allowed
      4. Plastic or wood,. some proxies are only run on wood.
      5. what tires?. silicon or rubber and urethane? i only know of 1 proxy on this form running on silicon. rubber/urethane cars have issues running on a track that runs silicon. most rubber/urethane proxies try to run on tracks that only run rubber/urethane.
      6. you need couple of people to drive, depends on number of lanes, a track marshal or 2 depending on track size, maybe someone to be race controller. COVID has changed this abit, stay safe and proper distancing.
      7. ability to post results here or to the proxy host. It is always cool to see pictures of our cars on other tracks.

      most of proxies on this form have 15-32 cars with all different handling characteristics. If you can run a club race, or organize a race with multiple heats on your track, you should be able to run a proxy race.
      we have a 2 lane 15ft x 5 ft wood track, adjustable power, running rubber/urethane tires, and we do it with 2 people, with track calls for de-slots.

      ill look for a proxy that has track requirements and post a link below.
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      Lance Sofa racer, SA TX by way of Hawaii


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        Great reply Lance on all points. The point about silicon is a great reminder too.

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      Just post your track. Offer to host. If the event managers feel it matches the event, I am sure they will let you know.'

      It's not just the track, it's being involved. Responding and posting in the events and the effort it takes to do race reports is important.


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        CGYRacer and I organize two proxies and we are always open to adding new tracks that meet the criteria.

        Below are the guidelines that we share with the tracks that are approved to host a round.

        Please post more details and pictures of your track, we would like to know more about your venue.


        1) Racing will take place on wood (non-magnetic) tracks in Canada and the USA - we would prefer to have 5 races in each country - but the best venues will receive preference over the 5 race’s in each country.

        2) Race host’s must agree to allow EACH & ALL cars to be driven by participating drivers an EQUAL amount of time Drivers should be assigned to a lane and the cars rotate through the lanes.

        3) All tracks MUST be rubbered in - tracks that do not run rubber tyres on a regular basis, must please allow a sufficient and significant amount of laps with cars (not these proxy cars) to rubber the track in prior to the qualification event.

        4) Tracks must allow for partial laps to be counted - recommendation would be to have tracks divided into tenths

        4) All cars must be qualified prior to the event by one (same) driver. A 6 - 12 lap qualifying session with each car before the actual race, using the same driver and lane for all cars, should be run. TQ receives 2 points.

        5) Reporting on the event is key to a successful proxy and we ask that host's please consider a live video feed, if this is not possible we would appreciate photographs and comments - either way please provide feedback on the cars

        6) All host agree to run the event at a voltage between (min)10 - (max)12 volts

        7) We ask that all race host please try their best to complete the event and ship the cars forward within 3 weekends of receiving the cars

        8) Your event will focus on getting the most from each car, rather than a race between drivers

        9) Cars are to be run a minimum of 8 minutes each. Maximum run time is 18 minutes each. It is suggested that cars be run 3 minutes per heat if possible - as long as the total race time for each car falls within the 8-18 minutes..

        10) All race events will have a minimum of two drivers and use a minimum of two different lanes. Cars must run an equal amount of time in each lane that is used.

        11) Race hosts must get approval from Race Director and mention all repairs and
        tuning to cars on forum as part of their race coverage.

        12) Cars that are deemed unable to race due to technical or track limitations (slot depth) can be excluded from the event. Please contact the Race Director for consultation and information.
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