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Removing factory decal

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  • Removing factory decal

    I'm using this Revell '70 Mustang to build a slot car to be mounted on a Pioneer chassis. It's nearly done, including numbers on the doors and roof, but I've now decided I want to get rid of the Mustang decal on the hood that came with the car. This is a consistent issue with SnapTite kits because obviously kids today are so lame they couldn't possibly figure out how to build a real model, or if applying their own decals and they came out crooked they'd probably need therapy to recover.


    I've had this body for several years and was able to get the stripe off the hood back then, but can't remember what I did. Now I'm seeking feedback/advice on how to remove the hood decal carefully so as not to damage the rest of the car. My default options are to cover the hood with Monokote, or mask off the rest of the car and spray paint just the hood gloss black.


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    I used simple 91% alcohol to float the ones off the Camaro I built.
    Unfortunately, the pictures in your post aren't visible on my end to know whether that is feasible for your current situation?
    (if you can't dip the body, you may be able to use a paper towel soaked in 91% laid on the offending area and just keep the towel wet until the decal comes off?)


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      I was able to see the photo when I posted it last night, but I can't see it now either. The model has a red, white and blue stripe on the hood and roof, and an image of a mustang on the front of the hood. I haven't taken any pictures of my car yet, but will do that and post some tomorrow.

      Here's another try at posting an image of the model kit.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	1-32-1970-Ford-Mustang-Mach-1-Revell-SnapTite.jpg
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      The car has 6 decals already on it and looks really nice, which is why I decided to try to get rid of the hood decal, but I can't dip and strip it or I'll lose everything else on the car, including the 'chrome' on the grille, bumper, and around the windows. Rather than do that I'd just leave the hood as is.

      I may try strategically placed alcohol as you suggest, perhaps applied with something abrasive like the tip of a scouring pad. Although, it might be easier to mask off the rest of the body and just paint the hood gloss black.

      Thanks for your comments.